Seducing A Married Lady

Hello friends, I am Baron, a happily married man working in Bangalore. This is my first story in ISS. This happened almost a month ago. I have been married for over 2 years. My wife, coming from a very conservative background is not much interested in sex. She limits my sexual fantasies to conventional sex.

I am highly sexually active and was getting restless due to this. On top of that, she became pregnant and had some complications and hence doctor advised not to have sex. She left to her home for taking rest. I was sexually starving and did not how to satisfy myself.

Since I was alone, I decided not to take my car for commute and joined the common office transport of our tech park. One day while returning I happened to be the last passenger to enter the bus. As usual, I searched for an empty seat but could not find anything initially.

Then I saw an empty seat at the back and went to occupy that. There I found that a lady had already occupied the seat. She had kept her bag on the remaining part of the seat. Upon seeing me she removed her bag and gave me space to sit. I thanked her and sat down.

I realized that she must be new as I had never seen her before. Anyway, she got off one stop before me. After that, for some days I was caught up in work and missed the bus. About one week later I again used the office cab. When I entered the bus, I saw this lady sitting on the front row.

The seat adjacent to her was empty. I don’t know what happened to me, but I went and sat beside her even though there were some more empty seats. When the bus reached her stop. I got up and gave her the space to get out. She smiled at me and said thanks. That’s when I noticed her.

She looked like she is in her early 30’s, little dark and slightly plump. But she carried herself well in a formal shirt and pant. She had a good curvy ass and was juggling when she got out. That day I imagined her and jerked off after reaching home. Next day also I went and sat beside her. Today I wanted to test my luck.

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I tried initiating a conversation. She responded and told that her name is Maya. She had recently joined my tech park. I asked about her family. She replied that her husband works in another company in Bangalore itself. They had a son who is in 1st standard.

During our conversations, I adjusted myself slightly such that my arm was brushing against hers. Occasionally I would bring back my hand to normal position. This situation continued for almost a week. She was not moving away from my hand but I did not want to rush things.

Now every day we used to sit together, talk for some time and get busy on our mobiles. This was the routine for some days. One evening, she was having some chocolates and offered me one. I refused at first but took them as she insisted. In that process, my hand was touching her tummy.

She did not object and hence I did not adjust my hands even after taking the chocolates. Now my elbows were touching her tummy and I was getting turned on. I adjusted myself so that our bodies were touching from shoulder to thighs. For the first time in my life, I was thankful for the bumper to bumper traffic in Bangalore.

She was occupying the window seat and I was sitting on her right side. I folded my right hand and brought it under my left hand. I kept it closer to her tummy without touching it. I wanted to make sure she was okay before proceeding. My hands would touch her stomach when we enter a pothole.

Seeing no response from her, I turned towards her to make sure things are fine. I was surprised to see that she had her eyes closed and appeared like she was sleeping. Now I was in two minds, whether she is not minding my touches or is it because she is asleep. I decided to take a chance.

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On the next speed breaker jump, as previously my hands touched her tummy. But this time I did not take my hands back. I rested my fingers on her tummy and slowly moved them upwards. After about 2 minutes I reached the bottom of her boobs. I put one finger on her boobs.

Now she made an action of waking up from sleep. I removed my fingers confused. Anyway, she did not say anything and I didn’t try more that day. That night I imagined fucking her in my shower and jerked off multiple times. Next day she was wearing a sleeveless top and was looking rather hot.

With that our hands were touching from the moment I sat. I was feeling the heat and slowly I could feel both of our respiration rhythm on my hand. The hands were also feeling hotter. I folded my hands again and kept my fingers touching her tummy.

Maya immediately closed her eyes and started acting like sleeping. But I could see a slight smile on her face. Then I knew she was game and is ready to take it to the next level. I moved my fingers and rested them on her hips. I slowly inserted one finger under her short top and touched her stomach.

It was like striking gold. I was so much excited. Slowly, one finger by one inserted the whole palm inside her top and placed it on her stomach. I slowly adjusted and moved my hand to her navel. I inserted my middle finger in her navel. I could see her facial expression change.

I knew she was getting turned on. I caressed stomach and hips and slowly moved my hands upwards and rested at the base of her bra. I put one finger on her boobs on top of the bra. Suddenly her right hand came up and caught my hand. She pushed my hand down without opening her eyes.

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My hands were still inside her top and resting on her tummy. I understood she was enjoying it but did not want to take any risk. However, I was so horny that I could not control myself and again started slowly moving my hands upward. She took her phone, typed, “Not here,” and turned towards me.

She pushed my hands out of her top but kept holding my hands. My dick was trying to tear my pants. I pulled her hands under my laptop bag placed on my lap and kept her fingers on my bulge. She touched the bulge of my dick and rested her hands there.

She slowly started caressing my dick on top of my pants. After about a minute or 2, I could not hold any longer and released my load. I typed, “Get off with me today,” and showed her. She also badly wanted me and she agreed. We both got off at my stop. I asked about her husband and kid.

Then she replied that her kid has gone to her native and is not there for this week. Her husband was not interested in her and cared only about money. She was also unsatisfied. She was looking to find someone to full fill her wishes until she found me.

On the way to my apartment, she was explaining how she was seducing me. I told her that I was thinking I was the one who seduced her. Anyway, what happened in my apartment will be described in my next story.

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