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My name is Vaatsayana (name changed). I am 35 years old now. This incident happened when I was hired as a fresher by a reputed software company in Hyderabad. I was 22 years old. I am an average Telugu guy from Hyderabad having 5’10” height, 65 kgs weight, perfect V-shaped body, and 6 inches long tool.

Got the dream job in a reputed company in Hyderabad with 5 digits starting salary as a bachelor. 22 years of age and 5 digit salary in hand – what more a young guy can expect in life. Within 3 months, I had 3 credit cards and a lot of savings as I used to live with my family.

With my dad’s advice, I purchased an apartment and a car. But while buying the apartment, I had to give my contact details to the builder. They shared that information with high profile hotel chains for marketing purposes. After 3 months, I got a call from a reputed hotel chain with corporate membership options.

The lady on the other side had a husky and shy voice which attracted my attention. I immediately started imagining her face and body structure. It was a bit funny for me. I had had sex with a lot of girls at that time and why a lady’s voice made me excited.

She was hesitant to talk. She mostly faces frustrated customers who hate unsolicited calls and are very aggressive. But these tele-callers have targets to meet. They have no other choice but to make calls and close deals.

Tele caller: Hello Sir, My name is Varsha (Name changed). I am calling from XXX group of companies. I would like to let you know about some fantastic membership offers that we have.
Me: Hi, I didn’t contact any hotel asking for offers. How you got my number?

Tele caller: (a bit of hesitation) We get marketing contacts from various partners. I can’t tell you exactly where we got your contact information.
Me: Ok, I am a bachelor and I am not sure what can I do with a membership of your hotel.

Tele caller: It depends on your interests, sir. We offer deals which you can use for leisure, water sports like scuba diving, adventures like mountain trekking, skiing, Family holidays and romantic honeymoons, etc.

Me: Wow! I didn’t realize you have so many options. I am interested in adventure trips but I have a lot of friends who have similar interests. Will you be able to provide any discount if we do a group booking?

Tele caller: With a very happy tone, yes sir. I can talk to my manager and get you a group discount if you would like to take more than 5 memberships as a group.
Me: Ok, then send me the offer details on my email address Give me your direct contact number in the mail. I will discuss this with my colleagues and get back to you.

Tele caller: Ok Sir, I will send you the information along with my mobile phone number. You can call me on my mobile whenever you are free.
Me: Ok, let me discuss this with my friends and then I will contact you directly.

Tele caller: Thank you for your help, sir. We generally don’t get such nice and polite customers like you. I would definitely await your call.
Me: Thank you, Varsha. Just to let you know, your tone is very different. Different in a good way, I have never heard a voice like yours.

Tele caller: Thank you for the compliment, sir. Have a nice day.
Me: You too Varsha. Bye for now.

I got an email from Varsha and after that, I had a word with my friends. Everyone agreed that we can make use of this hotel offers for adventurous trips. But in the back of my mind, I was attracted to the voice of this girl. My ears were craving to listen to her voice again. So on a fine Saturday, I called her.

Me: Hi, May I speak to Ms. Varsha?
Varsha: I am Varsha, may I know who is on the line?

Me: Hi Varsha, it’s me, Vaatsayana.
Varsha: Hello Sir, how are you?
Me: I am fine, thank you.
Varsha: Have you discussed the offers with your friends?

Me: Yes Varsha, I have about 10 friends who are interested in the offer.
Varsha: Wow Sir that will complete my target for this whole month. I owe you a treat for this.

Me: Treat? I thought this is business for you.
Varsha: But, sir, I am a human on the other side of the phone. I do appreciate people who are kind to me and I reciprocate the same to them.

Me: Ok, we can complete the formalities tomorrow. I am forwarding all the contact information of my friends.
Varsha: Fine sir. I will call all your friends and close the deal.

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We got the memberships and started exploring the options. I got a call from Varsha again in a few days. It was a casual call. But I decided to meet this girl face to face and flirt with her.

Varsha: Hello Sir, How are you?
Me: I would appreciate if you can call me by my name, Vaatsayana.

Varsha: Ok Vaatsayana, how are you?
Me: I am good thank you. I thought you forgot me.

Varsha: Forgetting you? No chance. I came to the city as a fresher in search of an IT job. But couldn’t find one. So I joined this company as a tele caller. Of some thousand calls that I made that week, only you spoke to me as a friend and a good human. So I can’t forget you!

Me: I take it as a compliment. I really like your soothing voice. What about the treat that you owe me?

Varsha: Actually, I called you to invite you for lunch.
Me: Is that true? I am eager to see the beautiful face behind the beautiful voice.

Varsha: What if I am not beautiful?
Me: End of the day, you have a beautiful voice and you are my friend.

She arranged for lunch in ‘Hyderabadi House’ near Hitec City the next day. I went there well dressed and was waiting for Varsha. She came and introduced herself. I watched her head to toe. About 5’ 5” tall, not so lean, not so chubby. 34 – 28 – 36 medium long hair.

She was wearing skin-tight denim jeans and full hands T-shirt which exposed her protruding nipples thru her bra. She had green eyes and a very fair skin tone. Her lips were pink and very sexy. I envisioned my cock in between her sexy lips. I got an instant hard-on.

She looked at me and she was equally impressed. We exchanged contact details. She is from Vizag and only daughter of a traditional middle-class family. Her voice was very homely and soothing. We exchanged family details and educational stuff.

I told her that I can help her in getting an IT job as she is still in her fresher’s period. She was really happy. I understood that she is attracted to me. Next month, there was a recruitment drive in one of the IT companies where I had friends. I referred Varsha and she got selected.

She was really happy and called me to another treat. We went to disco this time and I enjoyed dancing with her and touching her body. After that, I started calling her during the nights. We used to talk for a couple of hours. I started admiring her beauty and she started enjoying my compliments.

I started flirting with her. She even started enjoying that. After a few days of plain flirting, I started ‘naughty’ flirting. More interesting topics like first crush/first love, what happens if you are alone with your first crush/first love? She started opening up and told me everything about her including her period times and virginity.

I increased the boldness of the topics. I indirectly asked her to go on a leisure trip with me to Munnar, Kerala. She was very hesitant. I told her that it would be a friendly trip. She doesn’t need to agree if she has no trust in me. After a couple of days, she agreed. I had a grin of a winner on my face.

But as she doesn’t have a membership, she knew that she has to share rooms with me. So I deliberately booked a honeymoon suite in a 5-star hotel in Munnar, Kerala along with flight tickets. We landed in the afternoon and booked a car to the hotel from the airport.

The cab driver thought that we are a couple and started talking in that sense. He highlighted romantic places around Munnar and all that. She blushed but didn’t tell the cab driver that we are not a couple. I got the green signal from that. I made my plans to break her cherry and make her my bitch.

We reached the hotel and they welcomed us as a couple! She was a bit uncomfortable but didn’t tell them that we are just friends. We reached the room where we saw a king size bed decorated with flowers. She pretended to be angry and asked me why I booked a honeymoon package.

I told her that I am not aware of the package. I only told them that my lady friend and I are going to stay. They probably misunderstood me and booked the honeymoon package.

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Varsha: I am feeling really uncomfortable here.
Me: You mean, uncomfortable in the hotel room or uncomfortable with me?

Varsha: Uncomfortable with the situation.
Me: If that’s the case, I will take another room.

Varsha: I didn’t mean that. It’s just that I have never been alone with a guy before. I am worried that I may lose control.
Me: Control over what?

With a romantic look, took my hand and put it on her heart and said, “Control over this.”
Me: I already lost control on that long back.

By saying this I kissed her on her sexy lips which gave her an electric shock. She was wearing denim jeans and a pink T-shirt. I hugged her tightly and her breast got crushed on my chest.

Varsha: Vaatsayana, something is happening to me. This is the first time I ever kissed someone like this. I am not able to explain it. But I need something more from you.
Me: I will give you everything that a girl needs from a boy, don’t worry.

Saying this, I removed her T-shirt. She removed my T-shirt. I removed her pink bra clip and she removed my vest. Her voluptuous pair of breasts swung free. I couldn’t control myself and started sucking her breasts as if I want to gulp the last drop of milk from them. She was breathless.

Varsha: Vatsayana, suck them harder, eat them, they are yours today.
Me: Not just your breasts, you are mine today.

By saying this I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down along with her panty. She had a slightly hairy pussy with juices leaking into the panty. She removed my jeans and underwear and was shocked to see my 6” cock. We both were naked in front of each other.

We jumped on to the bed and started violently kissing and hugging each other. Her nipples became really hard. I could see that her pussy juices were dripping on to the bed thru her ass crack. I kissed her belly button and buried my tongue in it. She enjoyed it. Then I went down kissing each place until the toe.

She had goosebumps with every kiss. Finally, I reached her love hole. She had big labia and clitoris. Her labia grew big in size and an inch out of her pussy. I started playing with her labia and clitoris with my fingers for 10 minutes. Suddenly she had an incredible orgasm with a squirt.

She made the bed wet with about 30 ml slimy discharge. Of all the girls I fucked, she was the second girl who could squirt. I cleaned her pussy with tissues. As I couldn’t control myself I put my cock in her pussy without any warning and pushed it all the way in. She screamed in pain.

I fucked her with full force and blood started leaking on to the bedsheet thru her ass crack. I fucked her for 20 minutes and she had another orgasm with a squirt. Her slimy discharged washed her blood from her pussy which ended up on the bedsheet. I fucked her for 10 more minutes and ejaculated in her jet after jet.

My cum leaked from her pussy thru her ass crack on to the bedsheet as well. We both were exhausted and dozed off into deep sleep for a couple of hours. I woke up when the room service called on the phone to take the dinner order. I had a naughty idea. Anyways, I fucked Varsha by breaking her virginity that day.

So I thought why not make it a proper honeymoon with 6 nights and 7 days. I called the reception and extended the stay. I also called my boss and took permission for the week off. Varsha woke up in the evening but was a bit sad about what happened between us.

I guessed it and I prepared a warm bath in the bathtub. I carried her to the bathtub naked and put her in the warm water. I jumped in and started splashing water on her. This changed her mood and started playing with me in the tub. The play turned romantic in no time.

I started rubbing her entire body with soap and started massaging her body with mine. She returned the favor and started massaging my body with hers. We spent a couple of hours like this and then cleaned ourselves. We had dinner and came back to bed. I asked her to be naked while in the room.

She agreed and became naked. I also removed all my clothes and became naked. I asked her to sit on my lap facing me. While she was about to do it, I pointed my cock to her pussy. She understood and sat down forcing my cock into her pussy. Then, we started kissing each other in a romantic manner.

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She started moving up and down in a rhythmic manner feeding me her nipples. I slowly started sucking, creasing and biting her nipples gently. She was aroused and started fucking me in such a way that her large labia and clitoris was rubbing on my groin area.

I could feel her labia and clitoris getting larger. In the next 5 minutes, she squirted but continued the fuck. In the next ten minutes, I shot my cum deep in her pussy. She kept on pumping and her pussy sucked the last drop from my balls. I leaned back on the bed and she slept on me without breaking the lock.

I woke up in the morning to see that she is still on me with my cock in her pussy. I woke her up and we both visited the bathroom. After that, we had a nice bath with romantic sex. We had breakfast and then went out to visit romantic places near Munnar.

We went out on a powerboat in a lake in the middle of the valley. I stopped the boat in the middle of the lake. She was wearing a long skirt with no undies. I was wearing a boxer without undie. As it was near the afternoon, there was no one near to see us. She sat on in the opposite direction lifting her skirt.

I opened the zipper to unleash my gun. She sat on me pushing my cock in her pussy. Then I started riding the powerboat at full speed. The bumps that the powerboat created while hitting the waves at full speed forced both of us to have passionate sex without any physical effort.

She squirted and I ejaculated in her with 10 minutes ride. After reaching the shore, we had a nice lunch with fine fish. We then went to a romantic horse ride the next day. We hired a sober horse and selected a track where there is a lot of privacy. I sat on the horse and made her sit on me facing me.

I again inserted my cock in her pussy. We started riding the horse slowly and with each step of the horse, the head of my cock was hitting her womb. It was really fun riding a horse while Varsha was riding my cock. I could see pure lust and enjoyment in her eyes.

After 30 minutes ride, she squirted and I shot my load in her pussy. I never experienced anything like this before with any other girl. It is sex without any effort from us. I suggest young couples try this if possible. We completed the trip and returned to the hotel in the evening.

We were very tired and hit the bed after dinner. I woke up in the morning finding Varsha in my arms naked. I teased her and she woke up. She had a horny look on her face which ignited the fire in me. I fucked her in missionary position for 20 minutes and ejaculated in her. She also had an orgasm too.

I fucked her 4 times a day on an average for the next 5 days. After we returned to Hyderabad, she shifted from her hostel to a single bedroom house. I used to visit her every day. She became addicted to the new ways of fucking. I even fucked her while driving a bike on the high way.

She learned how to give blowjobs and I also fucked her ass. With her, I tried about 200 types of sex postures mentioned in Kamasutra. She wanted to get married to me but her family was mad supporters of the cast system. They weren’t convinced even after telling them that she got fucked like a bitch by me.

They got her married to an NRI. She came to another 7-day honeymoon with me before she got married. I leave you to imagine Kamasutra of 7 days. Even now, she meets me whenever she visits India to get fucked in new postures.

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