Sexy Shobha Teacher

Hi friends. My name is Vikas and this is my first story. I’m 26 years old Indian. This story is about how I fucked my college teacher Shobha. This happened in a South Indian town.

Getting to the story Shobha madam was my teacher in degree college. She was 24 years unmarried lady. She had a fair complexion and her height was 5’6″. She used to wear a sari to college which showed her skin. I always used to fantasize about her.

This happened when I was in first-year degree. I was good at studies at class and Shobha madam was impressed by me. One day I was simply asking her doubt in a lesson taught by her. As there was no time she told me to come to staff room during lunch break. As happened I went to meet her during the break and she was trying to clear my doubt. But the horny me couldn’t keep his eyes from her cleavage and she noticed this. I told her I’m not able to understand the topic. She must have understood what was in my mind. What she asked me next I couldn’t believe myself…

Shobha: Vikas why don’t you come to my home. I’ll teach you this and clear all your doubts. Now there is no time. I must take other class.

Me: No problem madam. I can come to your home. At what time should I come?

Shobha: come at 6 in evening and bring your notebook.

Me: ok madam.

After this whole afternoon, I was dreaming about the visit. Even I dint know what was in her mind but I was surely fantasizing about her. Later that evening turned to be mind-blowing to me.

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I went to her home at 6.

Shobha: come in Vikas.
She was wearing blue sleeveless nighty in her home.
As she was staying there in a rented home she was alone.

I went inside and sat down on a chair near the table and opened my book.

Shobha madam brought me a glass of water to drink.

Shobha: Vikas I noticed you this noon. You were observing my cleavage whole time. I did not know you were this naughty.

Me: ah… Ma’am sorry..i.. was not able to concentrate….

Shobha: come on Vikas.. I know what you guys think at this age.. anyhow I know you do not have any doubt regarding the subject…

I was speechless at the moment

Shobha: why don’t you clarify other doubts you have..
Slowly she started keeping her hand on my shoulder.

I slowly stood up. I was 5’8 by that she and due to my sports activity had a well-built body… I too kept my hand on her shoulder.

The Fragrance of her body… Oh my God… I was going mad.

We hugged and I could feel her breast in my chest and I hugged her tight and started kissing her neck..
She started moaning and I kissed her lips and we smooched for quite a few time until Shobha broke the kiss. I could feel the taste of her lips and saliva

She guided me to her bed room.
I removed her night and pinned her against the wall and started smooching her wildly…. She was in her bra and panty… And I slowly slid my hand inside in panty and omg it was so wet… She was in cloud nine… She was breathing heavily and we shifted to bed,..I removed my shirt and trousers and was just in my boxers.. my thing was erect and she was looking at was 6 inches in length..

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Shobha: looks like I’m on a ride today..

She removed my boxers and took my dick in her hand and rubbing it.. Can’t explain the feeling..

She took my dick in her mouth and started giving me blow job… It was my first experience and I was grunting sounds…. Suck it Shobha…. Nice…

My dick had become rock hard and then I removed her bra and sucking her nipple..

Shobha: ahhh…ummm.. Suck it hard Vikas… You are good…harder…

I was sucking and biting her nipple one by one… And my one hand was running her pussy which now was soaking wet…

She slowing guided me to get pussy and instructed to lick her pussy..

I started licking them and drinking those pussy juices…ummmm

Shobha: omg …. Lick them dear…I love the way you lick them….ahhhh…I am cumming…Vikas….I’m cumming..

And with a jerk of her body, she cummed and I lick them dry,….

Now it was my turn to fuck this beauty….I guided my dick into her pussy and it was tight.

Shobha: ahhh.,. Slowly Vikas… Baby slowly. .
I removed my dick and put it in full thrust and it went half into her lubricated pussy

Shobha: ahh…ummm..mmmm Vikas slowly… You’re tearing my pussy…Amma… Wait.

But I was not in the mood to listen and once again have a throat and put my full dick inside her and started fucking her slowly….

Shobha ma’am was enjoying.. She was biting her lips and moaning louder…I started kissing her and fucking more harder and faster…I could see tears coming off her eyes…..I fucked her for about 12 to 15 min…
The room was filled with her moans and my balls hitting her ass..

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Shobha: dear faster…. I’m going to cumm…uffff,mmm… You are so good…

Me: even I’m going to cum Shobha

Shobha: please cum inside me…I want to feel you Vikas….ummmm…mmm… Faster… Love you Vikas… Harder…

I increased my speed of fucking and was kneading her breasts while she was cumming like never before.. soon I cummed and filled her pussy..I kept it inside for few time and started kissing Shobha… That was the deepest kiss I had till date…we kept on kissing for ten minutes and then slept for like half an hour.
It was already 9 in evening so I hurriedly left the place.
But we both were assured that there will lot of sex going to happen in next few months that followed…

I fucked her frequently after college on the pretext of clearing doubts… She was an amazing cock sucker… After school, I shifted to another place. I got to know even she got married and moved to another place..

Hope you guys enjoyed my story