Sexy Teen Fucked By Driver

Hello. This is my first story and is a true incident that happened to me. I shall continue writing my true incidents here. To tell you the background this happened around 5 years ago when I was an adolescent.

Like every other girl, I was very beautiful and charming as a child and as I grew up it just multiplied. At the age of 19, I was 5’3”, curly long hair, blue eyes, mesmerizing curves at right places and boob size of 26. The best lifetime appearance.

I’ve never known about anything physical and wasn’t exposed to TV/movies, unlike other kids my age. As part of my vacations, I visited my grandparent’s house in another state. My parents dropped me there and went back to my native place as they couldn’t spare days.

My grandpa was a government officer. My grandma was into social activities like teaching poor kids, helping farmers with finances etc. This meant that there were a lot of people visiting our place at work with both of them. The house was quite big to accommodate all of them.

One day we had to attend a family function. As most of our families, my grandma dressed me up in the best of her possessions. I was wearing a yellow and pink half saree, decked with ornaments around my hips, jhumkas, bangles, payal and a long necklace. That was the 1st time I wore half saree.

3 of us along with the driver went to the function. After some time I really got bored and insisted that we go. They couldn’t comply to that and asked me to go home with the driver. Stating that he’ll drop me home and come back to pick them up after the function is over.

I was asked to be in the company of my neighbor friends. My grandpa called my driver and told him, “Praveen, drop chitti home and come back immediately. She isn’t feeling well so drive slowly and safely.”

Praveen – Theek hain Saab. (looking at my sharply)

Praveen was aged about 26-27 years and has been working with us for many years. As a legacy nomenclature, all of us call him kaka. I went up to the car and he opened the door for me. I sat inside and he went up to the driver seat.

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We shared a friendly rapport. So we started chitchatting about general things – the function, people there etc but he was constantly looking at me from the mirror and I noticed it.

It was almost 4 pm then. Then he said (translated into English).

“Baby, did you have your lunch?”

“Yes, Praveen Kaka I had. Did you eat?”

“No baby. I didn’t have my lunch. I am hungry now.”

I gasped, “Why didn’t you have there. How can you drive when you are hungry. Stop by some dhaba nearby and go and have food. After that, we’ll start.”

He stopped after 10 minutes at a local shop which seemed to be having only some cold drinks and other beverages. He said, “Baby, I’ll have my lunch here and then we’ll go home.”

I said, “Okay and I’ll wait in the car till you finish your lunch.”

He kept the car on and parked aside at a seemingly lonely place and went to that shop. I was waiting in the car and listening to the songs being played in the car. He returned in 5 minutes.

I asked, “Kaka is your lunch over so soon?”

“No, they don’t have anything to eat.”

“Oh, then don’t worry. There must be more hotels on the way and you can eat there.”

“I need to eat something to drive to that next hotel no, babyji.”

“What will you eat then? There is nothing here.”

“There is something inside babyji. I’ll show you.”

He opened the car door where I was seated and got into the car next to me trying to take something from the back of the car. He closed the door and looked into my eyes.

One hand at the door handle and one hand in an attempt to search something at the back. I asked him innocently, “What, kaka?”

He continued looking into my eyes and slowly placed his hand on my neck. He said, “Babyji, the hook of the necklace is falling off. Let me help. I’ll put it back again.”

He leaned over in putting up the necklace again. I could feel his breath over my shoulders. I was never this close to any man before. He slowly moved his hands to my shoulders from the back of my neck.

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He whispered while maintaining an eye contact, “Babyji, I know where I can eat and satisfy the hunger that will give me the energy to drive back. Shall I go ahead and eat?”

By this time, I was not in conscious as I never had this feeling earlier. It was as though I am flying to another world. I simply nodded yes to his question. He made me lie down on the car seat gently, holding my shoulders and ran his hand slowly over my face – my eyes, my ears, my cheeks that were perfectly round and soft as cotton, my lips – gentle, tender and natural.

I was lost to him. I knew nothing that was happening but could just feel his hand running through. He slowly reached my boobs. Just touched them – round, tender as a ball of rose petals. I just started wearing a bra.

He moved my pallu over at the left side. He opened the hooks of my blouse with one hand while his other was caressing my hair and forehead. He slowly bent down and popped open my left boob out of the bra and started licking it.

Aahh.that was feeling so nice. Initially, it was scary, felt weird and gave tickles. But as he started licking it and handling it like we handle an ice-cream cone. It gave me great pleasures. He was sucking it, using his tongue all over, pressing it, and suddenly biting my boob and I shouted.

He immediately closed my mouth and said, “Hush babyji. You have a really tasty and great food to serve. Did anyone else have their lunch like this before?”

I shook my head in pleasure. He said, “Waah babyji, then I am so lucky that you quenching my hunger like this. This is just starter.I’ll show you other courses too.”

And he bowed down, opening my oni (pallu) at the belly area. And said, “Babyji, yeh biryani salan se bhi mazedaar hain.” (It’s more exciting than having biryani and salan.)

And started moving his lips all over my belly and hips. He was giving me the best feeling I had of my life. I was making noises. He kept licking and sucking my belly for a long time.

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He was rolling his tongue over my belly button and biting me there that was making me give more noises. After some more time of this, he rose. I said, “Bas kaka, now we’ll go home.” He smiled and said, “Yes, but once we finish eating sweets we will go.”

And then, it was the best 10 minutes of my life till date. He went further down, brought my lehenga up that exposed my thighs and private parts to him. I was wearing a panty. He smelled it and said,

“Waah babyji, your desert seems to be very naïve and sweet. Won’t you let me taste it?”

He pulled my panty halfway and immediately put his head into my parts. It was clean and there just grown small traces of pubic hair. He started digging into it, licking, sucking, licking, sucking. I was semi-conscious enjoying every microsecond of it.

I didn’t tell him to stop now. I was just into it and gave myself to him, while he feasted on me. I didn’t know if it was right or wrong but I didn’t want him to stop. Suddenly there was some vehicle passing by for which he alerted himself. and dressed up as appropriate.

He rose up and said, “We’ll go home babyji. Whenever I am hungry I’ll let you know and you be that goddess who satisfies my hunger.”

This is a beginning and there are lots of such to come. My life is filled with such encounters.

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