Sharu, My Landlord’s Wife

Hi friend, Pramod here a small introduction and then direct to the story. I am a common man just like others residing in Bangalore. I am average looking guys, little fat, 5.4’’ height.

I am a massager in a local spa. In my spa, we give a massage, gents to gents and ladies to ladies. We don’t give any intimate fun to anyone in our spa. I give private massage to ladies at their residence or in the hotel they book. I have made so many females come back for a massage again and again.

I charge a reasonable amount for private massage. It is very confidential to keep the customer’s identity secure. Some customers have asked me to write about the massage sex experience with me. I have been preparing those writings for another series. Of course, names will be changed as they have told to do.

So many men who cannot satisfy their wife’s hunger for sex have asked me for sex service. I want to make clear that I am not a call boy. I give massage and at that moment, if the female wants some fun only then I shall proceed with sex.

This story is about my landlord’s wife Sarita. Even today, we make out. About Sarita, she is the mother of two kids. Sharu, as I call her with love and lust. She has an amazing body that will stand the sex pleasure for more than 4 hours straight in drilling. We both had 5 hours of sex including foreplay once.

Her body is just like film actress Vidya Balan. She looks stunning in sarees. All men around the streets dream of fucking her when they see her walking on the road swinging her 36’’ ass. She had 34d boobs, 30 waists if I remember correctly.

Her hips which have increased in the last 10 years by my drilling her in the doggy style. Now at present, her boobs are 34dd. 32 waist, 36 hips. We fuck at least once a week now. Sometimes it will be one full day and 2 full nights when there is no one at home.

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Her elder son is in college now. She is 48 now and we started having sex when she was 38. It all started when she caught me masturbating on the terrace with her inners. She caught me red-handed. This incident happened and changed everything thereafter.

It was Sunday and we were on the terrace. She was washing clothes and I was helping her to put clothes to dry. It was routine every Sunday that after washing we would fuck in the storeroom. So while helping her I would rub her pussy and make her cum at least once.

We kissed and hugged like there is no tomorrow. That day after washing we went to the storeroom. Unfortunately, the latch of the door was broken, so we couldn’t lock it from inside. I doubt that it was her husband who would have broken the latch.

We went inside and hugged until we became hot. She removed her dress giving me access to her boobs. While I played with her boobs she undressed me. I sucked her nipples like I am hungry for her milk. She played with my dick stroking it.

She lay down and spread her legs. I know exactly what she wants. I come between her legs and lick her pussy. She would shave her pussy every 3 days once. It was a smooth and clean pussy. I would lick her for more than 15 minutes before fucking.

She would last for more than 15 minutes of my licking. If I continued licking she would have another orgasm. She would get tired and would not cooperate in fucking. I kissed all her body. I like her sweet fragrance. She always allowed me to lick her armpits.

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After she cummed on my face she would lick her cum o my face. She liked it. She would blow my dick till I cum in her and drink my cum happily. We did 69 position every time in her home when possible. Her clitoris is like a flower and I like to make it bloom every time I lick.

After I came in her mouth she licked for the last drop of my cum. We laid down for some time. Then again my dick became hard while I was fondling her soft boobs. She sucked my dick and made it wet enough to take it in her pussy. She came on top of me and started riding my dick like a horse.

She was in so much heat that her moans were echoed in the room. The storeroom door was slightly open as there was no latch to lock it. From the gap, I could sense someone standing. I told her someone is watching us. She bent a little and by the shadow only she told it’s her husband.

I got scared and asked what will happen. She told don’t worry I have made him cuckold now. I was feeling thrilled to fuck her while her husband watched us from hiding. Then she came down and asked me to insert hard in her pussy. She was seeing through the gap and started to moan loudly.

She said, “Pramod fuck my pussy hard. Your uncle doesn’t know to satisfy my pussy. He only fucks to cum in my pussy. I have made him stop fucking me as you give so much pleasure. If he talks anything to me I’ll throw him out of the house and will make you my pussy owner.”

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Hearing this he left the terrace. I fucked her for an hour. She came 4 times and made my dick wet. Then I said I am cumming she spread her legs wide as possible and told me to cum inside. I did it and filled her pussy with my cum. She hugged me for making her pussy warm by my cum.

We went down to her house after getting dressed. While going she said. I’ll open the bedroom door a little. You peek inside when I call my husband.” I waited for her husband to go inside and got shocked by what I saw. She lifted her nighty and made her husband lick my cum dripping from her pussy.

She slapped him and said, “This is how you should have given satisfaction to me.” She came to the door and pulled me inside. Her husband was seeing us. She hugged me and said, “He will fuck me whenever I want and you are going to be silent. If you talk I will throw you out of the house.”

He saw my face in anger and left the bedroom. Sharu smooched me and said, Are you happy now? You fuck me in front of him anytime.”

So, friends, I hope you all like this incident. Do mail me your reviews, which helps me to correct if something is wrong in my narration. Please don’t mail me asking for girls’ numbers as I won’t share any number.