Super Sexy Bet

Hello to all my fellow authors and readers. This is Saurav once again writing one more shot of my real experiences to be shared on the webpage. Before beginning, I would like to thank all for your kind responses to my story and giving a positive reaction.

The following set of incidents happened when I was learning my Engineering. During my stay in Bangalore, I lost my virginity to a very sexy woman 4-5 years back (My bhabhi). As mentioned in the story Bhabhi was the only babe I was fucking until I met this hottie.

After college, I would go to Kiran bhaiya’s place, only to be invited by bhabhi’s sexy body and the hot shower fucks before dinner. I was a studious guy, scoring more than 9 GPA every semester, making me a popular piece in the class. I had no haters but except a girl, Yukta.

She was one hot bomb. Fair as milk. Fairer. No boyfriends though. Curves are super sexy, and her dressing sense was amazing. Most of the guys would stop and stare, undressing her on the way to college with their eyes. 32 26 34 was her stats I guess (umm I’m very bad at stats)

She had the best ass in college (Except a couple of lecturers). ‘Beauty with Brains’ as the phrase says, she was one intelligent student. She and I had a tough snitch of topping the class. She wanted to top the class as it was her aim. I wanted to top just to stare at cleavages of my lecturers.

After the 1st semester exams, I beat Yukta in straight three internal assessments, leaving her in agony. The difference of our marks was huge and I was crowned the class topper. Lecturers gave me hefty rewards and my influence in sports also was commendable.

Yukta couldn’t tolerate this. She wanted to grab the front seat. One afternoon when I was alone, she stopped me.

Y: “Oy hoy Mr. Sam, how’s your bucketing going?”
Me: “Bucketing? Haha, you need that I guess.”
Y: “Oho! I know you bucket the lecturers to get you top marks.”

She sounded like a sore loser but I still spoke, “Hahaha, it’s okay what you think, I don’t care blah.” I was about to make my move. She stopped me holding my hand tightly.

Yukta was never comfortable with guys. I remembered a guy proposing her and getting cuss words instead. I didn’t know what was her intention. “I’m gonna beat you this time,” she said. “Let’s see baby gaga,” I laughed and replied.

“You mocking me, aren’t you? Let’s have a bet, you moron!” she crashed into my brains. “Okay kiddo, let’s have one. What if I win?” I asked. “I’m gonna win straight and first. No chance of you winning,” she told me. “In that case, If I win I’m going to get all your reference textbooks,” I said confidently.

“What a boring bet,” Yukta said, “If I win, You’ll have to stand nake front of me.”

“And If I win?,” I pressed. “Ummm. Let’s keep this interesting. You get to kiss these lips with your filthy mouth,” Yukta splashed a reply. What a grave mistake. Has she gone nuts? The college had super nerds, handsome seniors, and good looking juniors. But Yukta didn’t fall in any of these.

She had lovely boobs. Her T-shirts weren’t the kind to get us the clear views but it was great I could see. Her height made her look sexy. Not so tall, not so small. Just perfect. If I had good luck, I might even end up honking her tits. I would do anything to kiss her. Beating her was not a big deal for me.

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Between these imaginations, my last internals banged. I forgot Komal’s pussy for a week and asked bhabhi (as she was an engineer) to help me out. We got our papers and I beat Yukta by a huge margin again. In fact, Yukta slipped below 5th position in the class.

The week was smooth. I didn’t speak to Yukta after the results, nor did she. I was like okay, as bets are never meant to be given in college life. But it didn’t happen that way. One Saturday, Yukta called me after Lab. “Hey Sam,” Yukta said.

“Kiddo! How are you doing?” I asked with a sarcastic smile.
“Hmmm. So, you remember?”
“About what?”
“The bet? Kuch yaad hai?”

“Oh come on, baby? Which fucker on earth would forget your lips Yukta?” I told myself. “Yes, yes. I remember! You really wanna do it?”

“Yeah..but not harsh okay?”
“Hmm okay,” and I advanced further.
She stopped me and told “No damn it, not here, asshole. Meet me at 6 pm behind the garage.”
“Okay,” and we both dismissed.

The garage was a big place. Many couples would go and fuck there on Sundays. On Saturday it was a clean place as we had college till 1 pm. I went there early. When I reached, I saw Yukta waiting. Black tight yoga pants. Cropped T-shirt showing an ample amount of cleavage.  That Waistline made me ooze precum.

“Hey,” I told.
“Make it fast,” she told.
“Alright, chill kiddo.”

I went forward. She smelled really great. I looked into her pupils. Boy, she’s one glory flower. I imagined a movie romance scene. My bad the rain was missing. We both got in closer. I got hold of her waist, slowly pushed her to my body. Her tits were being molested by my chest. Our lips got closer.

“Thud,” something struck my mind. I couldn’t get the advantage of the kiss. I didn’t kiss her. I pushed her back and told her “I can’t kiss you now” and went off. What a loser am I! I told myself. What a motherfucker. Couldn’t kiss the blonde of the class. I still don’t remember what happened to me that day.

A month passed. I didn’t get close to Yukta. We were just classmates. Then comes the semester exams. Three days before the exams, I met Yukta. “Sam, let’s have a bet again?” she smiled and asked, “I’ve never seen your teeth.”

I told her mockingly, “Shut up bitch, bet on who’s gonna top? Okay, baba! What are the conditions now?”

Yukta: “If you win, you can complete the kiss I broke. If I win, I’ll tell what I’ll do later” Puzzled as I was and I replied, “Okay kiddo. I’ll get to kiss your lips for sure.”

Exams started. But this time, I got more aroused. Thinking about Yukta, I would rather end up daydreaming. During exam leaves, I would go to the kitchen to watch the sexy saree clad housewife Komal and bang her ass. I would end up cumming on her in the kitchen and fuck her in the hall.

We had wild sex throughout the exam holidays. I struggled in every exam. After a month, the results were announced. I was beaten by Yukta. My fucks spoiled me. But with a good score, I secured distinction. I thought I would be stark naked in front of Yukta.

It was summer vacations. I got a call from a random number. It was Yukta.
“Where did you get my number?” I asked.
“Shay, you think only boys should get the numbers?” she replied.
“Listen about the bet…”

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“I called you for the same reason. Come to my place tomorrow,” she said.
“Okay, I will.”
“Don’t miss out, loser!” she spoke.

She tuned differently. I never heard speaking so softly. The arrogant bitch turned to be a great friend. Curious, I went to her house the next day. She was alone. She looked like a bomb. Cropped white tee. Shorts of Jean. Her round navel was in my sight. I wanted to lick that. But I stopped.

“Come in Sam.” I entered. A clean house. Her parents were out. “So, ready for the bet?” she asked.  She took me to her bedroom. “Do you miss kissing me?” she suddenly asked.

“Well no, but you are beautiful?”

“Okay remove your clothes,” she asked. I removed my jeans and t-shirt. I was in my underwear. She could see my cock making a tent.“Oh ho, I get to see some motion in my underwear.”

She came near me. Pulled my underwear off. My dick popped out. She looked surprised. “This is bigger than I expected.”

“Yeah yeah,” I told her embarrassed.

“I want to tell you. I always liked the way you looked at me. You didn’t want to kiss me just because you knew I didn’t want it. You are such a humble person” she told.“Thanks,” I said. Yukta continued “I had a fantasy of watching a well-built guy nude. Thanks, Sam”

Saying so, she hugged me and whispered, “I liked the way you got hold of my waist that day. You left me unsatisfied. Kiss me, Sam. I want more. Make me yours na.” I was spellbound. I’m a lucky fucker. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer.

My dick in between our stomachs gave me some pain but I didn’t care. I synced my lips with hers. I gave her a french kiss, grabbing her butt and pressing it hard. Exchange of smiles happened in between and she moved to my cock. She gave me a great blowjob, making my cock go at its peak.

The environment in the room was horny and her bedroom smelled the flavor of sex. I caught hold of her ass and started pressing over her clothes. That is some sexy ass. Gave a huge press and she let out a moan. I started kissing her again as her lips were one of the best.

I undressed her tee and started cupping her wonderful melons. Started feeling the material of her bra and kissed above. I removed her jeans and stood back to enjoy my new figure. What a body! God gifted. That sight of seeing her in a lingerie was damn mind-blowing.

My eyes moved towards the wet panties. I pressed her clit area. her body shook in delight. I removed her panties and gave a nice lick on her pussy. Her hands directed my mouth and her loud gasping could make anyone hard.

“You are an expert!”
“No babes, I ain’t,” I said.
“How many ladies have you fucked?” she asked.
“Chuck it. Enjoy what I’m doing now.”

Saying so, I increased my pace. She closed her eyes and put her tongue out. Then I moved towards her midriff and started kissing her sexy navel. I grabbed her hips, kissed the area and started fingering her navel. She moaned in delight. I moved towards her boobs, planted a kiss before I took off her bra.

Her costly bra was then just torn off, revealing her gorgeous breasts, which was bigger than I anticipated.

“Fuck Yukta, I never knew you had such ripe and large melons.”
“Glad you got to know,” she shared a smile.

I kissed her boobs and started circling with my hands on her nipple area. I climbed on her body, rubbing my cock to her pussy. She loved my weight on her body and was breathing heavily. I started kissing and sucking her nipples, which were really hard, and she started moaning hard, hard and hard.

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“Oh Sam, kiss me, feel me.”

The babe I wanted to fuck is on the bed. To make her horny, I started pinching her right nipple and mashed her left melon. Her body movement made her sexier. She was about to get a very hard fuck. Two naked bodies, rubbing each other in a hot environment. Imagine. We changed positions.

I wanted her getting fucked urges to be more. I made Yukta lay back. I made her legs wide open after I gave a juicy lick on her pussy. I slept over her, got my hard, hot cock and slowly entered into her pussy. It was tight and fresh, much to my joy. She knocked the doors of heaven when I entered my 6-inch dick.

She moaned again. “Sam, harder. Fuck me like I’m your wife.” I increased my pace. Fap! Fap! Sounds were like music to our ears. While ramming, I bent and gave her a romantic kiss while mashing her titties with my hands. We tried one more position for an hour. Her body was the gift to any fucker with a good tool.

Her eyes and lips made me hornier. I lifted her, with my penis inside her and slammed her on the door of her cupboard. I kept on banging Yukta while she moaned and asked me to punish her butthole too. With pleasure, I started using cuss words as well.

“Take that bitch!” I yelled as my cock slammed into her cunt again and again. My balls were now slapping her clit each time I pounded relentlessly inside her.
I gave her one more kiss as she was continuously moaning. I liked both her legs up for a new position and started ramming again.

As her pussy juice was flowing, I grabbed her boobs and sucked it hard making her scream. I smacked her ass again. I had to cum and I told her that. “Cum on my breasts Sam,” she said. I cummed hard on her breasts. Yukta cleaned my cum. She caught hold of my pale cock now and started one more handjob.

She wanted more. She gave a great titfuck whilst I enjoyed her. To clean ourselves up, we went to the bathroom and fucked in a bathtub full of water. Our moans echoed in the bathroom throughout. We cleaned ourselves up and it was 6 pm.

“Dad might come home soon,” she said while she was wearing her bra.
“I’ll have to leave babe,” I said cupping her breasts and kissing her.

I went to the gate and I saw Yukta’s mom coming.
“Good evening young lad,” she said.
“Hello, aunty! Saurav here!”

She got hold of my hand with a smile and asked Yukta, “Well darling, you didn’t tell you are dating a tall and a cute boy did you?” Yukta gave a confused smile there and I smiled back at her. Her question gave me a surprise factor. But I didn’t know what was coming. That was a surprise.

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