The First Night

Hi, this is Krish from Chennai again. This story is my cousin’s, his first night story. His name is Sandeep and his newly wed wife is Gokila. It was an arranged marriage and the marriage had happened within a month from their first meeting, that they had rarely talked to each and had no clue what to expect out of that relationship. So, when they sent her in a red Saree with a cup of milk inside their first night room, he was all in anxiety.

Describing Gokila, she was of a wheatish complexion, average height, not the perfect of facial features. She had a nose ring that accentuated her small nose. But, her highlight was her big ass. The ass always stood tall behind her, whenever she walked. She was a 32-28-36. Yes, you could imagine, beautiful big brown ass. Sandeep told he loved to see it not only nude but also with a white panty. He said after marriage, anytime she made a mistake, he would just punish her by biting her ass.

She walked inside the first night room in a red Saree, red blouse, and the rest will be revealed as the story progresses. She had a few jewels adorning her. The best was her jewel around her hips that pulled the saree tight on to her, by which perfectly describing her big ass. She locked the room behind and walked to him. Sandeep kept thinking before first night whether she would say “shall we sleep today without sex. We will have it once we understand each other”, but he could see in her face that she was acting really shy.

“Milk”, she stood shy in front of him as though she was giving him her milk.

“Keep it on the table. We will drink. Just sit”, she kept the milk on the table near the headrest of the bed and sat there itself on the bed, as distant as possible from him. She kept watching the floor, shy to watch his eyes.

“Gokila, you are extremely shy. Should we go ahead tonight”, she giggled and again looked down on the floor.
“I don’t know. You can decide”, Sandeep loved her shy act.
“Alright then, I am coming”, he took a step towards her.
“You have to drink the milk first”, she stopped him
“why don’t we do it first, then drink it”,

“No, this is rituals, for our good”, an idea quickly struck him. He decided to spice it up with the cup of milk itself.
“Alright. We will take a decision. I will drink the milk, if you give it after taking off your saree”

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“Please, drink it”, she pleaded shyly.
“Nope, only if you give it without your saree”, she kept the cup back on the table and stood with her back facing him.
“I will take it off later. Please”, she again pleaded with a big smile.

‘’no, now. Do it now”, she removed the jewel on her hips but with all the other jewels intact, she took the saree of her shoulder alone.

‘please, this is enough right. Please, please, drink it”, she pleaded. His eyes were simply oscillating between her cute 32 boobs and her shy face.

“Nope, take the saree off completely”, she removed it taking it round by round around her. Then, he understood why she was so shy to take it off more. She was not wearing a petticoat. Just a small white, panty for her entire bottom. You can’t call the panty small for it had two big mound of flesh to cover.
“Seems, somebody forgot their petticoat”, he laughed. She covered her face in shyness, “this is why I said I won’t remove it. You are mocking me. It’s not my decision, all the cousins who helped me dress said you….”, She stopped mid way.
“Yes, I love it. You have a beautiful ass”, she again covered her face.

“Alright now drink it”, she went back to the cup of milk.
“Wait, wait. There is a change of plans. Take off your blouse too. Lemme check whether anything else is missing”
“I am wearing a bra”

“Take off your blouse and show that too”, though she was acting shy, she was enjoying the show too. Which wife wouldn’t be happy to see her husband’s tool, poke through his clothes, telling her how much he loved her body. She took off her Bangles, necklaces and within minutes, her blouse was off. She was honest in saying she had a bra. That day, he fell in love with seeing her in white bra and panty. From then on, every weekend, her attire was going to be a white bra and panty alone, nothing else. He loved that beautiful floral design right over her nipple.
“Please don’t watch me like that. God, I feel so shy”, she covered her boobs with her hands.
“If you cover your boobs like this, how will I drink milk’’
“Milk is there”

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“Alright, alright. Take your bra off, anyway”
Within minutes, she stood there topless with just her white panty for her entire body. He quickly pulled her to him.
“Gokila, it’s unfair from my side to see you work and not helping you at all. That’s not a responsible husband. So, I will help you with the last bit”

He slowly went to her ass and pulled the panty down while she covered her face in shyness. She too knew her star attraction. He gave it a small bite. He slowly ran his finger on his ass and moved to her pussy.”the great Gokila Forest”, he just loved her hairy pussy. She quickly ran away from him.

“Drink the milk, now. I have nothing else to remove”
He sat on the bed, “you have, your inhibitions. Come to me, sit in my lap and you yourself feed me from the cup”
While her husband was fully dressed, she sat on him naked and brought the cup to his lips. He caught the cup and moved it to her lips. Sip by sip, they drank it all. Once the milk was over, they didn’t wait anymore. Their lips came together and it was locked together for a minute. That was their first kiss. Gokila went on his shoulders once it was done. For a few minutes, they enjoyed that romantic moment.

“You are beautiful, Gokila.” He kissed her forehead. This was the start of the next session. He again went to her lips; within seconds he pulled off his shirt aside and took off his dhothi too, wearing just a brief.

“Goku, I pulled your panty off. Time for you to return the favor” she bent down and took off his panty. His penis just jumped out straight. She closed her eyes and turned the other direction.
“Goku is shy, huh. Shouldn’t she be punished for this”, he gave her two spanks on her ass.
“Please don’t. It pains”

“Oh, sorry. Lemme take care.”, He started massaging her ass from behind. She enjoyed that ass massage. He hugged her again, inserting his hard on in between her ass crack. By then, she was off the inhibition zone and enjoyed his kisses on her neck while his dick was in her crack. She turned around and went for his lips. His hands hugged her tight in her ass in passion. While he moved down to her pussy, he could feel the Great Gokila Forest absolutely drenched.

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“Time to get inside the forest,Goku”, he pushed her onto the bed. She laid there stretching her legs wide in both directions. She closed her eyes shy to see her husband’s big pole.
“Don’t worry, I will ensure I don’t poke your eyes with my dick. You can confidently open your eyes”

He slowly inserted his dick to fuck. It was pretty tight; it had never got anything inserted in it before. “Ahhhh”, she screamed a moment and then immediately closed her mouth to further screaming.

“Shall I, dear, or should I come out”, she just upped her ass a bit indicating symbolically to keep fucking. A few more pushes and at last he was in. He slowly moved in and out enjoying the deep breaths she was making out of pain and pleasure. After a few strokes, he upped his pace and she just held on to the bed tightly trying to transfer the pain she was going through to it.

“Gokila… you know I love your ass. Turn over, I want to see your ass shake while I fuck”, she turned over. He made her go like a cute doggy with a big ass, especially in that knee folded position. It made him more aggressive. He massaged her ass with his hands and at the same time fucked her in a high pace.

“Ahhh…. Ahhhh.. mmm..ahhh”, she kept moaning. This part Sandeep didn’t had to describe to me. We cousins were chatting outside the room and this moaning song was what we could hear for the next few mins. He cummed his full load inside her at the end. Both of them, laid down on the bed breathless. Even now, Sandeep told their fucks were always accompanied by a cup of milk.

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