The Houseguest

It was during my vacations in the summer months of 2018, that is, last year. It starts with me getting to know one of my mom’s old friend’s daughter, Aditi was visiting Delhi.

She had to attend some interviews in Delhi and as the interviews were spread out, she would be staying at our home for two days. I, as usual, was irritated when I got to know someone was going to be staying at our home.

My dad nonchalantly sent me off to pick her up at the airport in the afternoon. It was only when I reached the airport my dad sent me a photo of her so that I could recognize her, that I finally perked up.

Aditi was pretty. With growing excitement, I waited in front of the gates at IGI, my tall height letting me look over the heads of people approaching the gate with ease. I soon spotted her, an easy feat as she stood out starkly among the other bedraggled travellers.

The photo had been an understatement. She was, as I came to know later, 24 with a beautifully proportioned body, tall yet not skinny. She was cute, with a round face and a smile that lit up her face.

She wore office casuals, with a white body-hugging top that showed off her shapely chest. She clearly worked out as well, as her whole body was lean and fit, the little of her skin that showed below her tight outfit being smooth and sexy.

Her thick jet black hair chased with thin blonde streaks, stopped at her breasts. She had a backpack around her shoulders, the straps pulling at her top to give a nice view to anyone who came close.

Aditi instantly seemed to spot me as well and came over at once with a steady smile. She shook my hand and also leaned in to give me a small side hug. She smelt of vanilla soap.

We introduced ourselves and chatted as we waited for our Uber. She was pleasant to talk to and we instantly became warm, talking all the way back home. Aditi, I noticed was very frank and plain-spoken, not shying away from topics others would have considered forward.

A few hours passed by as Aditi hung out with my parents, relaying stories of her family back home. I stayed in my room, on my bed, watching a movie. It was evening when she came to my room and plopped on to my bed, still possessive of that easy smile.

“What’s up?”, she asked. “What are you doing?”.

I showed her my movie, and she slowly inched her way over on the bed, ending up sitting right next to me. She reached around my head, pulled the lobe of the earphones off my ear and stuck it in hers, flashing another one of her smiles, a cheeky one this time. My heart raced.

We stayed in the same position for some time, with her uttering soft ‘Oh’s’ and slight exclamations as she watched the movie. Finally, my mom came to my room to call us for dinner and that was that.

As I lay in bed in the dark after dinner, Aditi was all that came to mind. I focused on her in my mind’s eye, with her cute round face and her soft full lips. I wanted to feel her big smooth breasts in my palm, wrap them around my dick and cum in her tight, wet pussy. I wanted her lips around my cock as she looked up at me with those big eyes.

Suddenly determined, I sat up in bed in the dark, tiptoed over to the door and locked it. Quietly, I snapped my laptop lid open and plugged the earphones in. As the system booted up, I lay some old newspapers on the table and began jerking off.

I loaded up some of my favourite porn but found that I didn’t need it. One face was fresh in my memory, and my imagination quickly supplied the details.

I saw in my mind’s eye the door opening and her stepping in. Other than a pair of pink pyjamas she had been wearing for dinner, she was naked. Stepping into my room, her eyes fixed on my dick and widened in surprise. I was naked from the waist down, she from the waist up.

She approached me. “Whatchya doing?”, she whispered in my ear, same as last time, but her smile was different, sultry and seductive. Aditi took my cock in her hand, and I felt it throb in her fingers as she slowly rubbed the foreskin up and down my length.

“You wanted me?”, she whispered as she speeded up her hand, all while I started squeezing and groping her firm round breasts with my hands.

“So much”, I whispered back.

She moved around to my back, her tits rubbing against my back as her taut nipples scratched my skin. Her other hand came around me and wrapped around my dick as she whispered dirtily into my ear. “I knew you had something for me”, she cooed as she jerked my cock, “But I had no idea you had so much of it”.

I snapped around to face her, my dick standing up at full tilt. She seemed mad with lust. I pushed her back onto the bed, grabbed hold of her pyjamas and pulled.

She was fully naked with one pull. Without missing a beat, she spread her legs and wagged her finger at me with a cheeky smile. That was all I needed, climbing atop her and penetrating her pussy with my hard cock. She gasped, and I was in heaven.

I imagined continuing this for a few minutes, me pumping between her legs as she moaned and crooned softly in my ear. Soon enough, I came into the wad of newspapers I had laid out. I was drenched with sweat and my eyesight refocused, but the hunger hadn’t yet died.

I rolled up the was of newspapers into a ball and stepped out of the room, on my way to throw the newspaper ball into the trash. That was when I saw Aditi lying face-up on the sofa in the hallway, her eyes closed, her arms flung over the sofa edge.

She was wearing a tight pink top to accompany her pink pyjamas, and her heavenly breasts were at their full might as she lay with her chest sticking out. A year later, I still get hard remembering that sight. I never stopped though. I kept walking, onward through the hallway into the kitchen.

I threw the ball into the trash, then pausing to wash my hands and face and then wipe my body of the sweat it had accumulated.

On my way back from the kitchen, I took my sweet time passing through the hallway as my eyes feasted on the goddess lying in the room next to mine. Her position had shifted, her arms now arranged on her stomach and the contours of her breasts less noticeable. I sighed longingly, went to my room, rolled into bed and fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up late, to find out Aditi had already left for her interview. I busied myself with my own work, not pausing to think of her.

Indeed, it was only around evening, when she returned home, and after freshening up came into my room and plopped onto my bed that I thought of her again. But that was enough, and presently all other thoughts left my head. I had to have her.

I patted the cushion next to me and motioned for her to sit with me and she giggled. She slid on the bed towards me, her breasts jiggling as she moved. She sat next to me and leaned in, her shoulder touching mine and allowing me a quick glance down her top.

Her creamy breasts were pressed tightly against the fabric of her red sports bra. I looked up and was almost sure she had caught me looking. But then she flashed her brilliant smile at me, and the moment had passed.

This night too might have ended the same as last night but I was determined to not let that happen. As my mom called out to us from the dining room that dinner was served, I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie after dinner.

She smiled at me, gave me a small side hug and told me that she had been waiting for me to ask. She usually slept very late and had been bored the night before. I was elated.

So it was that after dinner, she came to my room as planned and jumped in next to me and we began to watch a movie we’d selected. It was a romantic comedy neither of us had watched before.

We watched it for about half an hour until my dad came over to tell us that he and mom were going to sleep. He said that he’d readied the sofa for Aditi to sleep and asked us to sleep soon. My parents were very taken with her, and she had them wrapped around her little finger. They didn’t suspect a thing.

We had been talking softly all through the movie and I could hardly focus, with her sitting next to me. We talked about college, her job and relationships. I found out she was currently single, although she previously had a boyfriend for a year. She was getting warm and cozy, slowly leaning into me.

Soon after, Aditi began to complain that the movie wasn’t much to her taste. I on the other hand scarcely knew what was happening in the movie. I was intoxicated by the floaty vanilla smell of her soap.

I opened up the file manager and showed her the movies I had on my system. She chose another one, ‘Wild Things’.

“This sounds more interesting, ” she said, making me think she hadn’t seen it before. I nodded and shrugged, hiding my excitement at getting to watch this erotic thriller with this hot girl sitting right next to me. This movie was a guilty pleasure of mine, and hers too, as I got to know later.

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This movie changed it all. Aditi was hot and bothered all through this movie, slowly shifting in her position as she moved closer and closer to me.

During one of the sex scenes in the movie, she audibly moaned, her eyes fixed on the screen, and her hand around my arm. She looked at the screen, then looked at me, then at the screen again. The next time she looked at me, I kissed her on the neck.

It was like someone had flipped a switch. Aditi put her hand through my pants on my dick, and then guided my own hand to her breasts. “Take your bra off,” I commanded as I realized that it was her bra that came between my palms and her sweet fleshy tit.

She giggled, then pulled her t-shirt over her head. The sight of the top of her tits strained tight under her red bra was enough to make me hard. Feeling my dick pulsing in her hands, she grinned. She took off her bra, and without skipping a beat, put her t-shirt back on.

“We have to be careful, ” she said, her eyes alive with glee. “Your parents mustn’t catch us.” I nodded, disappointed. However, she held her tee up to her breasts and I stuck my hand in, feeling those fleshy mounds that I had been fantasizing about since the airport.

They were now exposed all the way to those pink nipples. They were soft and firm, and supple, only giving away a bit under gravity. I couldn’t believe myself. She was hot and desirable, every mans fantasy. I told her as much.

“Oh, I’ve wanted this since yesterday, ” she whispered, her soft voice making my dick pulse. “I saw you yesterday, looking at me as I slept. That was so hot.”

“I thought I saw you moving, ” I grinned as I pulled her closer, my hand massaging her breasts as she slowly felt up my cock.

Finally overcome with lust, she pulled down my pants and exposed my dick. I’m a guy with an above-average cock, and she seemed pleased to see it.

She leaned over and kissed the head of my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Then I kissed her, moaning, my hands coming up to feel her breasts while she continued to massage his cock.

“Enough with this, ” she said as she turned off the movie, instead opening up a porn site on the browser. She asked me about my favourite videos, and I snapped up a few of my favourite titles instantly. She chose one featuring a blowjob.

For a few moments we watched the video, our eyes on the screen as the pretty blonde woman on-screen gobbled up the huge cock in front of her. My hands were still absently mashing up her breasts, and I was loath to let go.

“You like this, huh?” she asked, and without any hesitation closed her lips over the head of my fully erect cock, her hand gripping the shaft. I tried to relax and hold my composure.

She slowly sucked on my cock, making it feel like a vacuum. It was the most pleasure I’d ever felt. She stayed still for a moment, sucking at my cock, then began to move her lips up and down, trying to fit as much as she could. The rest of my cock she massaged with her fingers.

I moaned quietly and just held out. I didn’t want this to end too soon. I tried to calm the growing explosion in my balls, but it was hard as I looked at the scene before my eyes. Aditi, 3 years elder to me, a woman who had been a fantasy to me yesterday, was sucking hard on my cock as I massaged her breasts.

She finally let it out of her mouth with a faint ‘pop’ and looked up at me with an impish smile.

“Are you close?” she asked. I nodded. “I am gonna suck on your cock until you cum in my mouth.” All I could do was moan.

Aditi stuck my cock in and took it out a few times, my cock entering and exiting her soft mouth with pops that made my head spin. Strands of precum connected her mouth to my cock. “And I’m gonna swallow it all, too. I haven’t tasted cum for months.”

“You are so fucking hot, ” I moaned in her ear as she bobbed her head up and down. She moved her head faster. I decided that this was too much to hold off, and I decided to do something I’d always wanted to.

I grabbed her shoulder and raised her head. I pushed her up against the headboard and climbed over her hips, now facing her with my cock.

I fucked her mouth and tits hard. Fucking her tits were great, but watching her eyes as I stuck my cock down her throat was amazing. Her eyes widened with surprise, but they showed desire. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in, encouraging my thrusts of the hip as I facefucked her.

It took only two more pumps of my hip for my cum to come exploding out. I moaned with pleasure as I erupted in her mouth. She gulped, her eyes closing as I held the back of her head to prevent her from backing out. “Suck it all, ” I said. “Not a drop should be wasted.”

In response, she wrapped a single finger around the width of my cock and began milking it into her mouth. I saw Aditi gulping, her throat working as she swallowed all my cum. She nodded her head looking up at me, as though inviting me to cum some more. I was thoroughly spent when she finally pushed my hips backward off her face.

I felt completely disoriented, as though I’d just been standing on my head. As I fell backward, blood rushed into my head and my eyes refocused on her.

Aditi opened her mouth, showing me how I’d used her. Every surface of her mouth was covered with cum. Smiling, she closed her mouth and gave it a final swallow. I was mesmerized. “You’re so bad, ” I whispered. “I thought you’d enjoy watching this, ” she whispered back, winking and smiling.

I sat back down next to her and pulled her t-shirt back down. I leaned on her, my face resting on her chest. We rested in this position for a few minutes, it finally dawning on me what I’d done. “That was incredible, ” I said looking up at her face.

She moaned contentedly and nodded. We kissed and cuddled for some time. Then as she got out of my bed, her hand came to rest on my softened cock. She stuck it in her mouth, lapping at it with her tongue from all directions.

“Now you don’t need to wash it, ” she laughed as she left the room, her ass swaying as she walked away. Totally spent, I pulled my pants up and fell asleep.

I’d planned to wake up early the next morning, catch Aditi before she left for her final interview. On my way to brush my teeth, I saw her relaxing at the table, digging into her breakfast. She was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and I wondered if I could smell myself on them.

She glanced up as I walked in, winking at me and biting her lips. My parents sat next to her, my Mom chopping up some vegetables as my Dad read the newspaper.

After brushing my teeth, I walked into the kitchen, intending to get a drink of water. I was fixing myself a glass when Aditi strolled into the room behind me. She walked up behind me, and whispered, “I have a surprise for you. Same time today, then?”.

She grasped at the neck of her t-shirt, exposing a pink nipple. All of yesterday’s memories came flooding back to my head. I glanced surreptitiously back to the dining room, where my parents sat. They were immersed in their dealings.

“Oh Aditi, the things I want to do to you… ,” I pulled her behind the door and pushed her up facing the wall. She stuck out her hips as if offering herself to me. I lined myself up behind her, grinding on her ass. I slid my fingers up the front of her top, roughly groping her breasts. She shuddered. That’s how I left her that morning.

All-day, I could hardly think straight. All I wondered was what she had planned for me. I fought the urge to jerk off, determined to have a full load for night.

I meant to unload my whole stock on her, her face, tits, ass, wherever she wanted. I wondered if I could see her pussy tonight, maybe finger her until she came. Maybe she’d even let me fuck her.

I did have a stroke of luck that day though. Aditi came home early, (well, early in the evening) and my parents reminded me that they were going to the temple. A weekly ritual for them.

I groaned my disapproval, pretending to be frustrated that I was going to be left alone with Aditi, hiding my true feelings. As soon I closed the door though, waving them goodbye, my dick revealed my inner desires. She and I were going to be alone at home, for 2 hours at least.

Aditi poked me with something in the back, and I turned around to see something in her hand. “Here’s my surprise, ” she said, waving a pack of condoms in my face. “I thought we would have to wait till night”. My smile widened. It was a lucky day.

We went to my room, leaving the door wide open. We didn’t have to worry about being caught anymore. “I’ve been waiting for this… ” she began to say, forced to stop as I pulled her towards me and kissed her on the lips. “Wow.” She gasped. “Wow” She shut her eyes and began kissing me back, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

I ran my arm through her back, eventually stopping to grab and squeeze her ass. She mimicked my motions, her fingers sliding beneath my clothes, scraping my back.

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I was dazed as she suddenly leaned back, her hands now tugging at my clothes and pulling at my pants. She pulled them down, her hands closing around my dick. She expertly tore the condom off its wrapper and pulled it over my dick. It felt strange and uncomfortable, but I didn’t care.

She unbuttoned her shirt, the buttons popping one by one as she grabbed at them with one hand. I began unbuckling her pants.

First, the shirt came off, then the bra. Then the pants came off, along with her panties, giving me my first look of her pussy. I only had time to register that it was shaved, pink and inviting. I traced it with my fingers, causing her to shudder.

She stopped kissing me only long enough to take off my t-shirt. Her breasts were now mashing against my chest as we passionately held each other. My mouth filled with saliva.

She pushed me backward onto the bed. Thirty seconds later my mouth was wedged firmly between her eager lips. I sat on my bed, while she kneeled on the floor. She gave it a few licks, lubing it up. She seemed desperate for penetration too.

She leaned back on the bed, spreading her legs. She grabbed at my dick, guiding me to her pussy. I obliged, slowly guiding my dick inside her as she arched her back, moaning. “Oh God!” she said, grinning as she pulled me on to her. I just moaned my approval, savouring the sensations running through my body.

I was now pumping her pussy hard, supporting myself in bed using my arms. Her arms ran over my back, slowly synchronizing my motion.

Our heights matched up, looking into each other’s eyes as we moved. Aditi was moaning too, her hair splayed back on the bed, her tits pressed to my chest, her breaths quick and heavy. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

As I felt the pressure in my balls rising, I decided I didn’t want to cum in the condom after all. I pulled myself out, ripping the condom off my cock with my hands.

Aditi groaned in disappointment, but I inched forward on my knees, silencing her with my cock as I stuck it in her mouth. I leaned forward, suffocating her with my cock as I finally came. I closed my eyes as I felt my balls empty out into her throat, sounds of her gagging filling the room.

Finally spent, I rolled off her body. We both lay there for a few minutes, cuddling and breathing heavily.

I was nowhere close to satisfied, and there being still over an hour till my parents returned, I was determined to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Even though she was fully naked, I was still wearing my shirt, and my pants were still around my ankles. Taking off all my clothes, I lifted her up, one arm supporting her knees while the other supporting her chest. I carried her to the dining table.

Reaching the table, I lowered her down and bent her over the table. Admiring the view, I bent down behind her and gave her a few licks, running my tongue up and down her covered slit. I then inserted two fingers in her pussy while sucking on her clit. I was gonna make sure she came this time. “Please, fuck. I want you, please!” She panted.

Now grinning at her desperation, I put another condom on my hardening dick. She wiggled her ass impatiently, looking at me over her shoulder.

I pushed my cock into her pussy, slowly leaning her forward, my hands now grabbing her breasts. Pressing, the side of her face against the table, I began to ram in and out of her, moaning with each stroke. The table shook with our weight.

“Come on Aditi, cum for me, baby,” I whispered into her ear. A few more thrusts were all that she needed. Her body convulsed and thrashed as she came. As she tried to raise herself off the table, I noticed her legs were shaking.

I hadn’t had cum yet though, so I gently pushed her back down, continuing to heave myself in and out of her, now with gentle and measured strokes. Her breathing slowed back down to normal. I didn’t require a lot more stimulation and came for the second time that day, this time my condom catching all the cum.

“That was fucking amazing!”, she said, turning back around to face me.

We kissed passionately, our bodies intertwining, her breasts mashing against my chest. It was divine, and we still had an hour to go. Our bodies being covered with sweat by now, I decided the bathroom would be the next stop on our fuckfest. Leading her by the arm, I led her in.

Entering the room, I closed the door behind me, once again marvelling at my luck at being stuck in a small enclosed space, naked with a beautiful woman.

She looked at me, smiling. With a pout she raised her arms, telling me she needed help washing up. With her arms still raised, she spun gracefully, letting me look at every inch of her body. I moved forward smiling, reaching behind her to turn on the shower.

We stood under the shower together, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. We soaped each other up and washed us clean. I paid special attention to her breasts, ass, and pussy, noticing she did the same to my cock.

Once we had finished washing up, she raised her hands towards the towels to dry herself. I grabbed her hand, pointing with my other hand at my now erect dick.

“No sexy time in the shower? That must be one of your fantasies”, I said. She smiled wearily at me. “It is, but I thought you must be getting tired now”. In response, I pushed her down on her knees. She laughed.

I jammed my cock down her throat, causing her to gag. It was not as stiff as usual, and she began to suck on it. I put my hand on the back of her head as she focused on sucking me off. After a few minutes, she pulled her mouth off my cock with a pop.

“My mouth is sore. Maybe you want to fuck my tits?” She said, mashing her breasts together with her palms. She was pouting and biting her lips. I was stunned into silence. I slowly stuck my cock between her breasts as she pressed them together. They were so soft and smooth, I was groaning with pleasure.

I started to work up a slow rhythm, driving up into her breasts as I felt my balls fill up. Feeling the familiar urge rise, I rose up, pushing my cock back into her mouth. I didn’t want to waste any of my jizz in the shower, I wanted every last drop in her mouth.

I looked down to see her giving me the horniest, filthiest look imaginable. She was slurping down on my cock, tilting her head left and right. “Oh..” I groaned, biting my lip as I exploded in her mouth.

After that session, we dried ourselves up, and we began to put our clothes back on in the bedroom.

I had my clothes back on within seconds, then leaning back to watch her. I wanted something more, but I was afraid to ask. I looked at her pointedly, then mimicked taking a photo with my hands, pointing to my phone. “How about something to remember you by?” I asked.

She seemed hesitant at first but later agreed. “You can only take photos with my phone,” she said, wagging her finger. I agreed.

Thus armed with her phone, I followed her around the house, taking photos of her everywhere.

One photo I took of her pantless, bending over the table. Another one I took of her spreading her legs on the kitchen counter. Another one with her top off. The fourth one with her lying on the sofa. But it was the ones we took in my bedroom that I was most desperate for.

She lay naked bare on my bed, her legs spread and her arms above her head, smiling.

Our thoughts were getting wilder. The final photo we took was of her under the table, with my cock in her mouth as I sat on the chair. “You be a good boy, and I’ll send you these photos” she grinned, taking her phone back from me.

We finally cooled off and got ready, as it was about time my parents would be arriving. Fully dressed, we sat on the couch waiting for my parents to arrive, me with my arm around her shoulder and absently groping her breasts under her top. I just couldn’t keep my hand off her breasts.

As the bell rang, I got up and went to my room, pretending that I’d been there all along.

I didn’t have any encounters with Aditi till night, as we couldn’t do anything with our parents around. We limited ourselves to smiling at each other when nobody else was looking. Watching her traipse around the house in her nightclothes though, I realized there was more I wanted to do.

After dinner, I walked up to her, sitting on the couch with my dad. “Hey, Aditi? Wanna watch a movie?”, I asked innocently. “Okay”, she said following me to my room.

I gently swung the door behind her. We both knew we had to be careful, with my parents on the other side of the door, so we limited ourselves to feeling and groping each other over our clothes.

We were waiting patiently, and the moment arrived. My dad came in telling me that he was going to bed, and he told us to sleep early too. He warned me about letting Aditi sleep early as she was leaving the next morning. I smiled and agreed.

As soon as my dad left though, we abandoned all pretence, making our desires known. Before long I was sucking on her breasts, holding her top high over them. I was cupping and squeezing one boob, sucking on the other, and so on back and forth. I could hear her breathing heavily.

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Her hands were massaging my thighs, teasing me as I urged her towards my cock. She paused my sucking for a moment, gently guiding me towards her mouth for a passionate kiss, our mouths open and out tongues roaming freely.

Warning her to keep an ear out, and to be quiet, I quietly went to my door and locked it. Turning back around, I found her reluctant.

“We can’t have sex”, she said. “They will hear us.”. I just shrugged. “Okay, then, we won’t have sex.” Grinning, I pulled the front of her top high and pulled it over her neck, holding it tightly in place. I then pushed her back on the bed, climbing on to her with my cock out.

I sat atop her stomach, raising myself slightly to avoid crushing her. My cock was standing erect just above her chest. Realizing what I wanted, she reached up with her hands to began jerking me off, occasionally giving me a quick suck to lube me up. I simply leaned backward, letting her do the work.

This continued for some time, we closing my eyes and listening to her jerk me off, the occasional pop as she sucked my cock. When I felt the familiar pressure rising, I knew just what I wanted to do to my submissive girl.

I immediately leaned forward, now on all fours as I stuck my cock in her mouth, forcing her to swallow it all. I felt my cock spasming for several lengthy seconds, releasing torrents of jizz down her throat.

I looked down to see her sucking and gulping, her eyes widening as she fought to take it all in. Finally spent, I rolled over. We both lay there for a few minutes, gasping and panting.

She began to pull her clothes back up, but I stopped her, taking a condom out of my pocket. She, however, said she was tired as she needed to go to sleep, to get ready early tomorrow. I was disappointed, but I let her go with a last final passionate kiss.

I slept badly that night, tossing and turning, my mind fixating on that last condom in my wallet. I wanted to fuck Nayva once more before she left.

I quietly got up, moved to her room and gently shook her awake. She woke up, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight. I held her arms and kissed her, now cupping her breasts with my palm. She just lay there looking up at me.

Her hand reached out under my pyjamas for my cock, stroking it gently. “Is this what you want?”, she whispered. I shook my head, leaning close to her ear. “I want more than that. I want to fuck you in my room, and look into your eyes as I cum”, I whispered back.

“We can’t”, she said. “They might wake up.”

“No, they won’t”, I replied, running a finger down the side of her cheek. “We’ll be really quiet.” Saying so, I led her by the arm into my room, closing and locking the door behind me. I knew my parents did not wake up in the middle of the night, so I knew we were safe. Also, the rooms were relatively soundproof.

I stood facing her, toe to toe in the night. We kissed, our arms tracing each other as my tongues explored her mouth. I hadn’t kissed a lot of girls, but I knew this was one of the best kisses I’d ever experience. I led her to the bed, her hand in mine.

I hugged her around her lower back, feeling the soft skin against my palm. I raised my arms, removing her top as she took off my shirt. I moved between one breast and the other, sucking and nibbling as she murmured encouragingly. I placed a hand on her chest and pushed her gently back, so she lay flat on my bed. I pulled her pyjamas off her.

I tongued the outside of her pussy, feeling my cock getting harder in my pants. Finally unable to control myself any longer, I pulled my cock out, lowering my pyjamas to my knees.

I took the condom from my pocket, not having any problems pulling it over my stiff cock. My cock was so hard, having the condom stretched over it actually felt more comfortable.

Aditi crawled back up the bed, resting her head on my thick white pillows. She spread her legs, grinning wickedly. “Come on”, she said. “Remember,” I replied, “keep it quiet.”, guiding my tip to her pussy. She nodded. I relaxed into her slowly, pushing myself into her.

“Come on, I don’t care, ” she said once again. “Just fuck me like crazy.”

I obliged, moving my hips back and forth as I drove in and out of her pussy. Both our lips were clenched, trying to minimize any sounds we were making. It was incredibly sensual, with us rubbing our whole naked bodies against each other.

The sexiest, however, was the way she was looking up at me in the dim light, lust on every feature of her face.

I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her close as I pushed in and out of her. My mouth closed on her lips, as I fucked her in missionary. It was undoubtedly the most erotic thing I’d been part of. I never wanted it to end, and I was pleased to know I’d take some time to orgasm, our activities earlier in the day making sure of that.

Noticing that the bed was making more noise than I liked, I paused for a moment and pulled her to the floor before resuming fucking her.

She didn’t seem to mind, crazed with lust as she was, pulling me into her with her arms as she bit her lips, not making a sound. She just held on to my elbows, steadying herself as I pushed deeper and deeper into her, moving faster with every stroke.

“Are you gonna make me cum?” she asked him. “I’m gonna cum so hard, baby. Will you cum for me, too? I just grunted, nodding, nibbling her shoulder.

Soon enough, her face screwed up with pleasure, her grip tightening on me. “I’m cummming.. ” she moaned, muffling her voice. She sensed I was close too, beginning to whisper dirty stuff in my ear. “Cum for me, baby. Cum inside my tight pussy with your big dick, you bad boy.”

I too began to cum, feeling her pussy spasm and contract around my cock. I pulled her closer, hugging her tightly. She arms closed around me, her legs wrapping around me as we came together. It was bliss like I’d never experienced before.

We stayed that way for several long moments, enjoying the contact, and the closeness. Eventually, I rolled off her, and we lay breathing heavily on the floor. She looked as exhausted as I felt.

I took the condom off my cock, tying up its free end and keeping it aside. Seeing this, she reached out to me. “Put it in my mouth,” she said, her eyes twinkling. “I’ll clean it up for you”.

I turned over, and climbed over her, putting my cock in her mouth. I watched her lick and suck on my shrunken cock, now smacking her lips. I decided to return the favour, licking away at her cunt as she whimpered.

We lay hugging each other for some time, quiet and listening for any movements in the house. All was quiet, and nobody had heard us. But soon everyone would be waking up. And so it was time to end this.

I pulled my clothes on, watching her do the same. We waited for a moment by the door, listening closely. Then I led her out, watching her tuck herself into the couch.

I pulled her arms over her head, getting her in the exact position she had been two days ago, her breasts jutting out. I pulled her top up, kissing her breasts and feeling them against my cheeks, fulfilling my fantasies of that previous day.

Then, with a final passionate kiss on the lips, I left her. Walking back to my room, I rolled up the condom in a rough paper and threw it in the trash. Then I got to my bed, rolled over and fell asleep.

The next day passed like a dream. I saw Aditi at breakfast, all pretty and charming. No one else knew what had passed between us in the last two days. She, however, had one last surprise for me.

Before she left to go bathe, she sneaked into my room, taking my phone, and giving me a quick kiss before she left.

When she came back, she was smiling mischievously, giving me my phone back with a peck on my cheek.

“Something for you to remember me by, ” she said. “Make sure you cum for me.”, she continued on, winking and closing the door behind her as she left.

I flipped through the phone and found a collection of sexy Indian photos, that had my cock hard in an instant. She had taken selfies of herself in the bathroom, posing like a slut.

There were photos of her breasts, ass and pussy, and full-body shots, all wet and glistening. Her face was not in any of them. I was elated. However, walking out of my room, I found that there was no adequate way for me to thank her, with my parents in the room.

I just smiled and winked. Later that morning, she left for her home, and I didn’t have much of a chance to say goodbye either.

And that guys, is the story of my first sexual experience. Aditi and I still message each other regularly, and sometimes we even masturbate together on video cam. We have made plans to meet too, but none of them have panned out yet. She is without a doubt, the hottest woman I ever met