The real love story

Hi friends! This Is Amar from Cuttack, Orissa, Before two months only I found this sight with so many stories real and imaginary. Today I am going to narrate my story which is a real and true one –simply I can tell that it is part of my life and I think you all just imagine what fantastic love story it is. You can mail me with your views and suggestions Now the real story starts.

I am the elder son of my parents and an Engineer in software, When my MCA result was declared I was very happy, I came with 82 % and immediately called my father for this good news. He told me to have a visit to my native place immediately. So I started my journey and after four hours I reached my home, I was staying in hostel after my HSC, there I completed my graduation and MCA, I was outside from my home for 7 years and after seven years I came to my home. I came to the pond side to see the green paddy fields and the waves on the pond, some teens are there I was not in a position to know them because after seven years I came to my home. I was happy. Even my mother was anxious to have a talk with me but I was searching for some one here and there but failed. Before 7 years when I was in high school she was in std –IV and one of her friend Reenu was in the same class also and they were my friends in village pond, in the lonely school garden and in the village mela ground. When there was Dushara, Ramnavami or Kartika purnima little girls use to wake very early in the morning to wash the village road and that is a custom in Orissa,so I wait for that early morning to play the secret game with them.

My room door is outside and I can come to the village road without knowledge of my family members. I was very strong in study and always come first in the whole class but I had a very weak point that was beautiful girls of tender age. Her name was Minu and her friend Reenu both were like dolls , I use to kiss on their private parts, lips and took them in my arms one after one in the dark places when ever possible. There was a negotiation with us that I will play with them and what ever they want in return, I will give them, Minu was like a doll, long hairs, wide black eyes and very fair complexion, tall and cool, while Reenu was grey in color, short height, and wide eyes and very sensitive. Honestly speaking my attraction was towards Minu, but I have to satisfy Reenu. If I use to play very deeply and with a large affection with Minu for a long time then there was an objection from Reenu. So I was very careful about that matter and days passed. In the mela I use to give them balloons, dolls and chocolates and even money when they need, but during that age also they could manage to spend in such a way that no body could suspect them. Normally Minu was in my side house while Reenu was in the front house. It was very difficult to meet Minu alone because always they were in pairs. I was very much interested in Minu only for her beauty and simple ness. Always I was trying to play with her alone, but all my efforts were in air. Our back side of the house followed our garden is connected with the garden of Minu and when ever she comes to the back side I could see her and there I tried to meet and got success. That was our new meeting place. When the sun goes down in the west sky the entire surrounding becomes dark enough I invited her to meet at our place and she comes everyday. Her tuition time was from 7 pm to 9 pm and before that I had to play with her almost every day. It was a practice for us and in the same time I was playing with both Minu & Reenu in our first meeting place, but Reenu did not know that I had a very deep relation with Minu and we were meeting in a different place. At that time they were in Standard – III and we all were happy to enjoy our life, In general I use to take her in to my laps and first I use to took our her panty first and start to see the beautiful triangle, fleshy , clean and white, very charming one. Then I use to lick the tiny pussy and start to enter my tongue in to deep and deep, but hey it was so tight that hardly I could push my middle finger into it. I kiss all over her body, belly, thighs, and face and on the white long legs, she used a paunjee in her feet. Her hair was black and long, a sweet fragrance comes from her hair, I like it very much. Always she uses black or red panty which I like very much and on the white belly and thighs panties were very match able things. Oh I becomes mad when I kiss on her thin and red lips, during that age also she was responding to my work very nicely. Days passed and that year I passed HSC and went to a distant town for higher study and started to live in the hostel with friends and stayed outside for seven years and completed my MCA, in those period I did not come to my village even once, but I could not asked about Minu or Reenu to my parents or my younger brother who often come to me. It was not possible for me to ask my village friends about them. So myself I calculate that both should in Std- X now. How was she look? I was searching for her here and there, the entire day passed and it was my bad luck that I did not see her glance. Night came and my mind was disturbed, Early I went to bed and got in to deep sleep. Next morning I went to the garden side and my eyes were searching for her. Suddenly I found her coming with a brass pot for water to the tube well. She was in a black skirt and t shirt, same long hairs bound in to two ropes in her back, slow feet steps and face was down, but I assumed she was searching for me, she had got the news that I came to the village. While taking water from the tube well three times or four times her eyes had searched for me. I got a confirmation that she was in remember for the past memories. I came to near the wall and suddenly see saw me and laughed, a very cute and meaningful smile, I understood and in return I also smiled. She was in class – X and very beautiful, tall, white and had a very nice figure, I do not know the measurement of a female body. She was like Manisha Koirala but a little bit tall than her. Then she and me both tried to had a meeting in any secret , finally I wrote a small letter that I want a letter from her, a love letter and while she was coming to the pond side I threw that to her and to my surprise she collected that immediately, I waited for her answer. After 30 minutes she again came to the pond side and I went there for my letter from her, yah she gave me that, it was a single page letter full of with romantic words and full description of the past days, how she managed to live without our love, although so many boys were trying to get her but she was in a constant position that she had a dream that I will come back one day to her with a high qualification and with a good job. Her dream came true. Finally she had written in letter that now she can leave the village, parents and even she can go to heaven for me. She described in her letter that in every moment she was thinking me and our past days, Carefully I put the letter in my personal briefcase and wrote a letter that she should come to our old meeting place in evening when I will indicate her at her front door. I was in my seventh heaven and was waiting for the evening. Oh god what a painful time it was for me? That time I was totally disturbed and I was not able to concentrate in any works, even it was very difficult for me to sleep and to read a story book or to see the TV. I was moving here and there and was waiting for the evening to come. Finally the evening had come and the sun had gone down and down in the west sky with a red rays all around. Darkness was coming from all sides and it was around 6.30 pm, I came to my front door side and found her standing in front of her door looking at me, she was fifty meters from me standing alone there and was waiting to get a green signal from me. I verified all around and found I had to wait for another 10 minutes to get more dark, so after 10 minutes I indicated her by raising my right arm and returned to the place of meeting. It was dark and a dry evening, it was not possible to see some thing even from 5 meters distance. A thin light ray was coming from my brothers study room in the upstairs to the road and a saw she was coming to me in the dark, she came to me. I took her in my arms and in standing position I embraced her tightly and started to kiss on her lips, a sweet smell was just coming from her body, she was hot and her breath was in speed. Her total body was fevering and her fingers were in motion on my back and hairs, for more than five minutes we kissed each other. That was my first experience with a young girl like a doll.

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Then we went to sit on a wooden log laying near the pond side, we sat there and no discussion between us. I then started put my hand on both of her fleshy balls and was trying to take the measurement from all directions. They were of medium size and hard, nipples were big and hard. I was just imagining those balls like apples, and then I had taken her panty out and taken her skirt up to see her genital parts, but unlucky, all around dark and dark. I put my middle finger in to her pussy and found it wet with some juicy fluid. No hairs there, just very small and thin hairs. I started to take her nipple in to my mouth and pressed them between my teeth, just she was moaning in a low sound, ahhhhh. Then I started to suck the other nipple and so on for another ten fifteen minutes, I was in a fear that if some one would search for her in her house then problem will come, but she told me that her parents had gone to the weekly village haat and her younger sister was with her grand papa and they knew that Minu had gone to the latrine outside of their house, she had turned the bulb on in the latrine. From our place it will hardly take 1 minute to come to the latrine and if some one will come we can see from a safety distance. So we continued our game, that day I had tried a lot to get the cock inside her but failed, several time failed, finally I told her to go back. Next day was Sunday and was holiday for her, she met me in the morning near the pond and told me that she will come to my room in the day time if possible.

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My parents went to their service place that day with my younger brother and in our house my grand maa and me were there, it was noon and the village road was empty, in her house her father was at his work place her mother and sister were sleeping and her grand father was also sleeping. I found her standing in her garden alone looking towards my room, I gave an indication to come to my room but from the back end not from the front. She came from back and rushed in to my room, I locked the front gate of my house. If some one will knock the main door I will release her through the back gate and she will manage to escape to her house from back side. She came and sat on the sofa near me, I made her stand up and put the room light on. Then I told her to take her dress out, but she was in fear, I confirmed her that I will manage if some one will knock the main door. Then she came naked to me, only panty and bra. Oh I could not see her tender beauty, her entire body was of milky color with a very nice, soft and bright face just covered from both sides with her long hairs. Her boobs were red, round and hard, her face was red, lips were blood red and fingers were thin round and long, her legs were the most beautiful leg ever I had seen in my life, long legs, round, soft, no hair, milky pink legs, her waist was thin just ¾ of her chest, boob were strong and nipples were erect. I took her in to my arms and started to play with her boob one after one and started to lick her entire body with my tongue, no hair in her arm pit, a very nice smell was coming from her body, that smell I do not find from my wife. That smell was erotic and sweet, even I have enjoyed another two girls in my life except my wife, but that particular smell I did not find else where. We were sitting on the bed and I had taken her soft hands and put on my dick, It was hard , long and ready for battle, first time I had failed in battle, so to avoid that I had a Vaseline packet with me, I applied Vaseline on my cock, I told her to sleep on her back and I put a pillow under her hips, she was playing with my dicks and she was kissing me again and again, then I took her leg on to my shoulder and made sufficient space between her legs and put my middle finger in her pussy and started moving it forward and backward. She was just uttering some words I could not understood them. Then I put the tip at the entrance and tried to give little push strokes, om my god with no pain it went inside and stopped in half way, I did not take it away, waited for a second and had a heavy stroke and the entire length went fully inside and she was trying to shout but did not, but her mouth was open and tears were there in her eyes, some blood came from the walls of her triangle, the bed sheet was soaked with red blood, I started to move my thing forward and backward, for first four five minutes, her mouth was still open. I bend towards her and squeezed her boos and kissing her lips, I was enjoying a lot, after some time I felt that she was trying to hold me very tight and her eyes were close and a bright laugh was coming from her face, she was laughing happily, after all she was also enjoying a lot to a maximum limit. This exercise continued for ten minutes and suddenly I felt that I am going to com, I com inside her and rested for two minutes.

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Then I asked her are you satisfied, she told that she had enjoyed the entire show and had cum thrice in that period. I made her stand and washed her pussy with my towel and dressed her in a good way, given some pain killer with two anti pregnancy tablets and left her through the back door, it was late afternoon. Like that we had enjoyed a lot. Even in every night she comes to my room when every body was asleep and stayed two three hours with me and returns back. This was a daily drama and in my family my grand-ma did not know this , but in her family they started to follow her but failed, her uncle who was a teacher, came to know all this from her mother and started to watch her, but there was no proof against her, for some days we stopped meeting. The next part I will tell you latter. If any beautiful female 10-60 age wants to have a healthy sex with me (I will take her to her seventh heaven within an hour) I am ready to spend a night day, but you have to contact in my mail id.

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