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Hey, this is Rajesh, this is my first story. This story started when my parents had gone to attend one of our relative marriages out of city and I was lonely at home had nothing else to do so decide to go check ISS which is full of erotic stories. After reading each one by one got my dick aroused and didn’t know what to do so I decided to go to buy a pack of cigarette from the nearby shop in Bangalore.

There was a girl would be around 17 years of age down to earth dropped dead gorgeous who was standing in the line before me and wanted to buy something for which she didn’t have enough change so I decided to help her coz it had happened to me once and I knew what she would be going thru. She first refused when I said it has happened to me so she gladly took the money with a promise of returning it to me. We went from the shop at the same time and I asked her name, She said her name was nisha and she lived close by and due to bad weather I offered to give her lift told her that I am home alone and I would drop her but I need a cup of coffee and if that is ok with her and she could join me. she said no problem and she jumped into my car we went to my home I asked her if she would like to have a cup of coffee for herself she said yes, and I put the water on the gas to boil in the mean time she told me that she was studying in school and she fought with her parents and walked out on them. I asked her as to where she was going stay in the cold winter she said she didn’t know…

The coffee was ready so I being a host I offered her the first cup and when our fingers touched with each other’s I noticed that her hands were cold I said to her you are cold she said yes she has been out in the winter for about three hours I rubbed her hands to warm her up. She felt much better I asked her if she would like to stay at my house for the night, she first hesitated and then said yes she would since she didn’t know where else to go in the cold winter I brought her a blanket and turned the heating on so that she would feel much better. We finished our coffee and started to wash the cups and she offered to help I said no but she felt obligated and she virtually pushed me off and said she is good at that I could still feel her hands were cold and I said only on one condition she would wash the dishes she asked what was the condition? I said if I rubbed her hands after she has done the dishes to warm her up. She gladly accepted I could feel my loneliness and her being with me was giving me so many thoughts and I didn’t know how to approach finally she finished her dishes and said ok now I could rub her hands I asked her if she would like to change she said she doesn’t have any clothes I immediately went up and gave her my Lungi and Baniyan and asked her to take her coat off she took her coat off and tried to wear lungi in front of me and undid her pants. It was probably her first time she was wearing lungi so it was not tight and it slipped off and Here I see her cute thighs with waxed Pussy smiling at me I commented WOW. She smiled she was bit shy I commented that she was beautiful she smiled again I came close to her tried to get her lungi on her and accidentally she touched my erect COCK which I thought was a hint I smiled and started playing with her long hair which she didn’t mind not I felt more comforted when she didn’t stop me from playing with her hair. I then started playing with her neck with my finger on which she closed her eyes, gently moved my fingers down to her breast which I felt they were erect from touch I held her face in my hands and kissed her passionately and started rubbing her breast. She felt little bit uncomfortable she said to me that she has never done this before, I convinced her everything will be ok she doesn’t have to worry about anything and she will enjoy it.

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I undid her shirt and I saw her beautiful firm breast was smiling and her nipples were erect. I started sucking her nipples on which she started moaning I then held her in my arms and took her into my bedroom while I was sucking her erect nipples. I laid her down on the bed and started rubbing her inner thighs while I was sucking her virgin breast. Oh my you don’t how it felt it was so juicy that I would have spent my life sucking those cute boobs of her and then I started moving down and touch her CLIT with my finger and I felt it was wet… I went down on her and started licking her clit while I was squeezing her breasts and she was moaning mmmmmmmm…. I opened her pussy lips and stick my tongue in it she went crazy when Licked her pussy… I could see her pussy cum was making her pussy wet and dripping towards her ass….which was even more wet… and I was rubbing her clit and I felt that she was going to have an orgasm… and by now I was getting out of control and decided to take my clothes off and my 6 inches cock jumped out I grabbed her ass and held her pussy and started licking it with my mouth deep into hers she was one of the nicest pussy I ever ate…. her eyes were closed and she was moaning … she said it feels so good then I spread her legs and started rubbing my cock against her wet pussy she went crazy when I did that then I gently put the tip of my cock in between her pussy lips which was tight and kept rubbing until such time her pussy was completely wet…..and then Slammed my cock deep inside her and put my lips onto hers she virtually screamed ….. She said take it out take it out I said don’t worry it was only one time she would enjoy it thereafter…. I kept my cock inside her for a while and started pushing in and out slowly… so she doesn’t feel any pain…. now I felt that she was enjoying it and she was squeezing her tight hole… I couldn’t hold myself any longer and my slams were now getting harder and harder she was pushing herself too….I was squeezing her tits hard and she was enjoying it she was yelling and screaming in pain and pleasure and I was enjoying it too…and I felt that she was having a great orgasm…. and I could any time explode…..I didn’t care if she would get pregnant or anything I just exploded all of my cum deep inside her canal…..oh my god that was the great pleasure I had she was now calm down… my cock was still inside of her and getting harder again…. with her wet cum and tight pussy walls…..I asked her to taste my and her cum she took my cock deep inside her mouth and started sucking me …. her mouth was even hotter and my cock was again getting hard for her and turn her back with her knees and hands were supporting her I was so thirsty for her cum when I saw her waxed wet pussy I started licking her and put my tongue in side of her cunt and first time she said I can’t take it do what you did before she was a bit shy…!!! And who am I to say no I want to do something else… :-)) I put my cock against her pussy and this time gently pushed it in it was not as painful for her… I was holding her breasts in my hands and pushing myself in and out of her cozy pussy…. wow……and after a while I felt that I will cum any time soon I turned her back and got my cock out asked her to suck my cum… and she was now trained she started sucking it then I decided to go 69 with her cause I wanted to give her pleasure too… and she was sucking my cock and I was fucking her pussy with my tongue … and we both came together…. .. She slept at my house for the night and we fucked all most all night until we both got tired and slept in each other’s arms for the whole night…. Next morning we both got up early and we did it once more and I asked her if she could stay for a while here, she refused but she promised me that she will come to see me the next day… It has been over two weeks and we both are having great time…. she is enjoying it as much as I do….. wrose_4u@yahoo.co.in

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