Unfolding The Lust

Hello friends!!! I’m Rahul. . This is my first story, so please forgive me for any of my mistake and also do comment on loverbeing143@gmail.com About myself, I am 21 years of age , handsome looking guy. Not so fair and not so dark. About my dick, I haven’t measured it any time. I always think how to other guys measure the same. The heroine of my story is Shivani (Name Changed). She is cute, fair and one the most beautiful girl that I have seen in my life. Her boobs are just perfectly shaped and sized. She was of 34-28-32.

Coming to the story, I met Shivani in my tuition. On the first day of our class she came late and thankfully I had place besides me, where she came and sat. My focus was on her more than at the professor, which she noticed. We started the talk in the break and exchanged our nos. We soon became friends and chatting the whole day became our daily routine now. We shared every thing about ourselves. And finally the day came when I proposed her, to which she accepted and said she was waiting for this day. And suddenly I kissed her, she was surprised and amused. Seriously speaking, she is really a very good kisser.

We now used to talk a lot about sex, to which I got know she was only going to do it with his husband, that to after her marriage, to which I got a bit disappointed. But my devil inside said that don’t worry you will get the opportunity in a short time . The time came really very soon when my parents went out for a vacation trip and I was left out due to my exam schedules. And at that point of time thought came of fucking her at my home in my mind. I invited her to my home to solve my doubts (obio in studies ?) , to which she first resisted but later agreed. I had made a full plan to fuck her already in my mind.

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I immediately went a bought some condoms, beer and a porn film CD from my friends place. Then I went to pick her from her friends home, where she told to her parents . She was looking so stunning that day. She wore a red one piece,with her nicely combed. I whistled, seeing her and she got red due to shyness. We entered at my home and I closed the door and immediately kissed her on her cheeks and lips. She resisted and we are here for studying Darling, let us do that.

I agreed and started the same. We studied for nearly half an hour and then took a break, I asked her for beer and we opened the bottle and we had it. My plan was to make her drink and make her hungover and then unfold the real lust in her. I had read in one article,girls have eight times more lust than a boy, but they always like to unfold themselves with a right guy. My plan was working now and beer was showing its effect. And I played the porn CD a that time. I was seeing her eyes, lust for sex was clearly visible in them. I slowly wnt near her and placed a sweet little kiss, to which she responded.

We went in to a deep kiss now which lasted for nearly 10 minutes,and during the kiss I pressed her boobs. She suddenly brook the kiss and removed her one  piece and bra in flash and I removed my t shirt too.

Suddenly she was only in her panty now. WOW, what a scene it was, two cute melons with garnishing of brown nipples just looked awesome. I jumped on her nipples straight away and sucked one, while pressing the other one. She moaned during the session and was enjoying at the fullest. While sucking my another hand went under her panty, finding the love hall. I decided to tease her this time and was moving my hands near her love hole

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She then removed my jeans and my under wear and was starring at my dick with her eyes wide open. She took it her hand and current passed in my body. She gave a me nice little hand job. I removed her panty and kissed her love hole and was licking her, she was really liking it she was making sounds like ummm ….. aaahhhhh …… Mummaaaa ….. please fuck me please ummmm……. This sound gave me more energy and I continued.

She suddenly cummed on my mouth and I drank all the juices of her. She know turned towards me and sat down and took my dick in her mouth to give a blowjob. She was taking it in her full throat, what a feeling it was…. Just amazing…!!! I too cummed and my sperms where on her face boobs neck etc

Now the time was for real action. I asked her to lay down and open her legs, she did exactly the same and I wore condom and inserted my dick in her. I was very tight out their, but I managed to get in her in the second attempt and she screamed really loud. It was paining to her and blood also came from her love hole. She than again resisted to which I kissed and again insisted she was crying but I ignored it and was guiding mu dick in and out.

Sooner she was also enjoying the sweet pain of sex. She was making serious some great sound… Ummhhhh… Aahhhhh… Fuck me …. M all yours…. Come inside me….. All this encouraged me and I increased my speed. Suddenly some pressure came from Inside and draw my dick out and saw her juiced flow and she cummed…. And I also cummed in a shorter while. We again kissed and slept hugging each other…. Please leave your comment on loverbeing143@gmail.com

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