Virgin Asha

Hi, all sex story readers, this is Madhan here

About Me: I am a Madhan of 27 years, 6″ tall, south Indian complexion, broad shoulder, and a well-built body. I basically belong to one of the cleanest city in India Mysuru, but currently working in Bangalore (which has all varieties of chicks/aunties).

Coming to the story, after the publication of my story, I received a lot of messages from guys and a countable from girls/aunties on mail/hangout. Among the few girls/aunties, this is the story about this particular girl named Asha. Guys believe me gaining the trust of any girls/aunties for a continual chat or number exchange or picture exchange is a very complicated task by itself.

Our mail conversation:
Asha: “Hi Madhan, I read your story and it was so nice.
From a lovely lady fan.”
Me: “Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, lovely wildest ladies like you just inspire me to write more and more.”

Asha: “I am a virgin girl and I have some doubts on virginity, can you please help me in clarification as am getting married?”
Me: “Please ping me on hangout as its difficult chatting over emails dear and I will try my best to enlighten you.”

Asha: “I don’t have Hangout.”

To my utter disbelief, the following happened which was very much a next to impossible scenario.
Me: “Hi dear Asha, if you are comfortable, you are free to ping me on my Whatsapp number xxxxxxxxxx.”

On the next morning as I rubbed my eyes and saw the mobile, I saw a “Hi” message from a new number which had arrived at 1:30 a.m. and the girl in the DP just confirmed me that it should be Asha. We started to chat normally and know each other formally.

Asha was basically from Coimbatore, who has done her bachelor in engineering. She happens to have worked in Bangalore for about a year in an IT company. Once her marriage was fixed she resigned her job.

She even confessed to me that, she has no experience of any sort in the physical life (Not even kiss) with a guy which was really shocking to hear in this generation. She later told me that the reason for the lack of experience is her dumb figure (which she thinks).

Her father’s profession (he was into police force) making guys move a step back and she too was not interested it seems. After her marriage commitment with a foreign settled Indian, she started to feel negative about her body shape. She started to have nightmares thinking about how she will endure her vagina being torn.

She started to get a lot of doubts will a hard big penis can penetrate? Will it pain? And many other doubts started to creep in, that is the time while searching for answers in Sex Stories she came across me. I started explaining all the pleasures and pains involved in the act during the first time.

I guided her over the phone into the world of self-pleasures arousal and fingering (Which she enjoyed to the heavens end). When she started sharing her pictures, her hubby’s pictures, I realized that Asha had become so comfortable with me. We were very good close dirty friends sharing all sort of things.

She sent me an invitation to her marriage. She ordered me to be present in Coimbatore at least four days prior wedding day, to which I had to agree without asking questioning. As planned I boarded Coimbatore express which leaves Yeshwanthpur at 10 p.m. and texted her after boarding the train.

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She replied to me telling me not to book any hotels she told me to wait at the railway station. As I woke after a bumpy ride in the train, I unlocked my mobile to see Asha’s text with the contact number to contact once I reach. I called the number from Coimbatore railway junction.

A guy aged around 45 picked me up from the station and guided me towards the car. After entering Honda city and conversing with the driver, I came to know that Asha’s father was not a simple police but was a top branch police officer. After driving some distance the car slowed down to a stop in front of a huge gate and honked.

It was a bungalow. My thoughts instantly were into a worried state thinking about whether this is a trap by Asha who might have complained about me to her father. Since I have not done anything, I took a deep breath and calmed by racing heart-beat. While I was in the car, she had texted me to walk straight into the house.

She had told her father that I was responsible for getting her job in Bangalore and I am here on her personal request. I kept a calm/cool face and walked straight into the main door with a bag on one shoulder. Guys, it was a huge house with workers here and there. A middle-aged guy was sitting on the sofa discussing something with a three more of guys.

I saw Asha walking down the stairs very slowly with her eyes shifting from me to her father repeatedly. Asha walked towards me, shook her hands and guided me inside the house. She introduced me to her father (the middle-aged guy who was giving instructions) who asked me to have a seat. I sat comfortably in front of him.

Asha sat next to me and I started talking with her father, one of worker interrupted our talk and asked what I will have, to which I replied ‘Tea’. While I continued my clearly choreographed narration to his dad (thinking before each statement is uttered from my mouth). His worker brought me the cup of tea with a plate with biscuits and snacks.

I think with this much history I can go straight to the main point; I was given a guest room which was at the back of the bungalow and was very luxuriously built. I played some music on the TV and went for a shower, changed clothes and jumped on the bed for a small nap.

After the nap, I left the guest room for a walk to take some fresh air. I came back to the house at around 5 p.m., took snacks which were already waiting in the room. Asha called me asking me to join the dinner with her family. But I asked her to send the food to the room (I feel awkward sitting with new strange people).

Asha texted me at around 10 pm, to leave the room door open. She will be joining me sometime after 12. I took another cold shower at around half past eleven, changed to shorts and T-shirt, applied Deo and was waiting for Asha. Now coming to the hot moment guys.

Let me describe her first. Asha was a short 5” tall plump, oval faced snub-nosed girl (Not so adorable). She had an almond-shaped face with protruding eyes which were inviting, very thin lips, lengthy wavy black hairs with one side tucked behind ear and olive colored skin. She entered the room which was pitch dark except for the two incense candles which I had brought and lighted.

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She closed the door as soon as her foot was set inside. She was wearing a black jean which was sticking to her ass very tightly inseparable, blue squared half kaftan on top, few gold bangles in her hand, a nose stud (Oh god, I love these most sensuous) and a gold chain was hanging in her neck. As it was pitch dark night with lots of silence, I turned on the television.

I could feel hesitation and slight shiver in Asha, so I went close to her, held her hand and helped get seated on the bed. I asked her to take a deep breath all the while holding her both hands with mine. After a while, I could feel that she became somewhat comfortable. I started to kiss gently first on the back of her hand.

I held her face with both of my hands very slowly my lips kissed her forehead, then a small peck on her lips. After a few seconds, I held her face kissed her, sucking her thin lower lips, upper lips and tasting her tongue which she was responding very nicely.

I took off my T-shirt, banyan and slowly removed her blue Kaftan, to my surprise I found a fancy styled red bra. When I drew myself close towards Asha, I could see goose pimples on her soft plump shoulder and bare visible portions of her cleavage. I switched Off the AC since I could sense a slightly shivering Asha.

Now I planted a kiss her shoulders, slowly moving my lips very slowly inch by inch towards her plump tummy, moving my tongue in her belly button during which she held my head, with my tongue inside her belly button my hands just undid her bra hooks. I could hear her deep warm breaths which started to make noises in the very silent night.

As my hands pulled the bra tie from her shoulders, her milky pair of boobs popped out, as soon as her bra cups was released. I grabbed them and started pressing slowly massaging those medium-sized sagging melons. My lips then moved to her big wide black nipples, sucking it while she started to moan.

My lips moved from one nipple to the valley between those mountains and to the other boob. I kissed all over her boobs licking it and teasingly biting it. My dick was fully erect which just wants to jump out of my shorts and eager to break the tight wet sweet pussy. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the tight cloth very slowly away from her wide hip to unveil welcoming mesh type hip hugger gold colored panty.

I placed my palm over her pussy, with my eyes looking into her eyes. I could see fear as well as urge in those beautiful eyes. My face slowly moved towards her hip with my eyes completely transfixed on her face. Her face turned red, her eyelids slowly started to close. She was biting her lower lips tight-mouthed while my mouth was moving towards her gently pussy.

While my lips were about to grab a bite of her sexy pussy she pulled her hip back nervously. My lips followed her hips, she grabbed my head and moaned as my lips brushed against her cleanly shaved pussy for a gentle kiss. She was pushing my head into her pussy.

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I moved my tongue tip all over her pussy and she was gasping. Then my tongue went inch by inch over thighs close to the pussy during which my hands were busily pressing her creamy milky boobs. Then my hands shifted to her ass, cupping those huge balls (she had a perfect pair ass) and lifted it to make her pussy more accessible to my hungry mouth.

She has a neat shaved lightning rod type pussy and we both started to sweat in that cool room also. She was shivering now profusely. I told her to cool down, slowly spread her legs and opened pussy lips slightly which was very tight and sticky. I wet my finger with my saliva, tried inserting into her pussy but it was very very tight.

She was looking at me with her popped out eyes. I went to my bag and brought pure coconut oil which I had carried from Mysore. I spread two newspapers under her ass and dropped oil on her pussy, massaged it for some time. My fingers could feel slight wetness inside her pussy. I asked her again on breaking her virginity but she was too scared.

I then sucked her pussy lips.  I inserted my middle finger slowly inside her with my mouth locking with her mouth to halt her moaning due to the pain of my finger insertion. I felt from the fear she was exhibiting that she was not ready tonight. So I pulled my shorts and underwear, took her hand placed it over my erect penis.

She was blushing as well as hesitant to touch my dick (Oh god her smile was so innocent and making me wild). I asked her to kiss my dick to which she was shaking her head saying “no” with a naughty smile at the corner of her lips. After holding my dick in the base firmly, looking straight into my eyes she inched closer and gave a peck on my devilish dick head.

As this was her first time, I did not proceed further keeping her worries in mind, we slept nude over each other for some time. She dressed up and bid me goodbye at around 2 in the morning.

Guys lengthy story is always boring to read. I wanted to explain every minute details of wilderness with the innocent sweet Asha. In our next part, I will explain she wildly jerking, completely swallowing my dick, breaking her virginity and her desire turning from pain to pleasure asking me for more.

Again feel free to contact my mail/hangout (aunties/girls in and around Mysore/Bangalore without hesitation and I have the utmost respect for ladies 100 percent secrecy is guaranteed) for horny role-plays, phone sex, dating, and fun. Thank you all.