Virginity Lost In Bangalore

A very warm welcome to the readers . For the first time, I am writing my own experience on this website so kindly ignore the mistakes made here.

Let me introduce a little about myself first and then we can nosedive into the details of steamy sessions. I am Raj from Bangalore working in a reputed MNC company. Just like every boy/man on this earth, I too have a never-ending appetite for getting involved in sex but the only problem is finding a girl.

Those were the days where the urge to have sex was increasing as the number of days was passing by in finding a perfect girl (for sex not into love though). After months and months of searching, I finally found one.

After a few weeks of chatting, I have made my stand clear that I was looking for a girl to fulfill my sexual desires and nothing more than that. She appreciated my intent and straightforwardness but asked some time to know much more about each other first and then move forward.

We initially did sexting and exchanged our fantasies and finally, after a few more weeks she said yes!!

I still remember the day I was so curious about. I made sure to tick all the boxes – well-groomed, neatly dressed, smell great, removed all the unwanted hair near my 7.2 inches manhood too.

Swapna (forgot to introduce at first and by the way, her name is changed for privacy) invited me on a Sunday morning to her house. I was at her location and knocked on the door. To my surprise, she was a hot and sizzling chick I had ever been with.

Swapna was way more beautiful than in my imagination and the dress she wore on that day left me speechless.

Swapna invited me in after enquiring whether I was the same person she was chatting with. I was following her from behind as I was awestruck to her beauty. While I was sitting down on the sofa, I could see her stats right in front of my eyes. Swapna stats 34-28-36 were similar to Kim Kardashian’s stats.

She was curvaceous and yet athletic. To my surprise, she wore a body-hugging dress which showed her curves and her cleavage too. She caught me red-handedly several times while I was gazing at her cleavage and giggled. Her dress, her perfume, her sweat, her sexy eyes, and lipstick-drenched lips drove me crazy.

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We were indulged in the casual chit chat to make ourselves comfortable and finally, I broke the ice. Slowly and steadily, I approached her while talking and gently placed my hand on her thighs. She started to breathe heavily and was unable to speak properly. My cock was getting hard and my heartbeat was beating beyond normal.

I gave a kiss on her cheeks and Swapna seemed to be enjoying it. She closed her eyes and turned towards me as a sign of go.

We both were kissing each other and finally, we ended up in a lip lock. We both were kissing in french style in such a way that as if we are finding our lost items in each other’s mouth.

I asked Swapna to turn around and she just obeyed. I gently pushed her hair with my fingers, rubbing bareback part of her neck, planted a kiss and started to lick her neck. Swapna closed her eyes in excitement and let out a moan. I started to lick her earlobes, but this time, I made sure to give some work to my hands.

While I was licking her earlobes and trying to bring her into the mood, my hands were busy discovering the beauty of her boobs. I was groping her boobs hard and kissing and licking her earlobes. Swapna was in an uncontrollable situation and neither she was kind of girl to suppress these horny feelings.

She grabbed my hands with hers and guided me in pressing her boobs more hard. This added fire to the fuel.

While our hands are doing the business, Swapna tilted her head as an indication for a kiss. I obliged and we both were enjoying ourselves for around 10-15 minutes in this way. I let one of my hands off her breasts and lifted her dress in search of her pussy.

My fingers could sense that her pussy is dripping wet because of the ecstasy. I had started to rub her wet panty which was right below her pussy and also at the same time my other hand was busy with her boobs. She was gasping heavily and moaning loudly like, “Aaaahhhh mmmmmm ooooffffff.”

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With my fingers, I slid the panty aside and inserted two fingers into her warm pussy. Swapna’s pussy was so wet as it allowed the fingers to go in deep without any pressure.

I started stroking her sexy pussy with my fingers slowly. Swapna was on cloud nine at this moment and she was arching her back in ecstasy to give me a clear view to lick her neck. I started to tweak the thrusts to find her g-spot but ended up in vain.

We both enjoyed for around 10 minutes and asked her to remove her dress. Swapna obeyed and undressed her. She was now only in her bra and panty. She was wearing a pink color set of bra and panty which was wet and dripping.

I unhooked her bra and asked her to sit on my lap. I grabbed her close to my body and started to eat her boobs. To make her wilder, I started to lick her areolas and grabbing and groping another boob with my other hand.

Swapna was going nuts and moaned hard like, “Uuuuummmmm yeahhhhh uuuuusss..”

Her boobs were like candy to a small child and I did not leave any single trace of the candy. While licking and sucking her boobs, my manhood started to erect completely and troubled her pussy.

I was rubbing her panty with my erect cock which was trapped inside my jeans. Swapna loved that feeling of pleasure happening to her boobs and pussy. She was not able to take this anymore and asked me to fuck her hard.

I stood up and removed my t-shirt and jeans. I was in my underwear and she giggled by seeing the erection of my cock. I asked her to take off my underwear and she did so. She was shocked to see my completely erected 7.2 inches cock. Swapna took it into her hand and gave a few strokes.

I took the privilege to remove her panty, kissed her legs and removed her panty in a go. We both were standing stark naked, exploring each other’s bodies.

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Swapna took me to her room and once we reached the bed, I pulled her towards me and hugged her. Two warm bodies touching and exploring each other, with one hand I held her close to me so that her boobs were pressed to my chest.

I held her buttocks and started to press and slap them. Both started to smooch again. She wrapped her hands behind my body and was rubbing my back. My cock was also erected and started to rub her pussy. After some time, I pushed her onto the bed and asked her to spread her legs apart.

That was one of the beautiful visual of seeing a sexy and pink pussy. It was wet and so elegant that I was not able to take off my eyes for a second.

I attacked her pussy like a hungry lion and started to taste pussy for the first time. It was my dream to suck and taste a pussy, just like it was shown in porn. I knew that pussy smell bad (thanks to Google) but to my surprise, Swapna maintained her pussy very well that not only tasted good but also it smelled great for a first-timer.

After some time, I inserted two fingers and started to drill her pussy while I was licking her clitoris. She was enjoying in such a way that her hands were busy encouraging me by rubbing my hair with her fingers and also pleasing herself by pressing her boobs.

Swapna started to moan loud like, “Aaahhhh Raj..stop playing with me..uuuummmm.. fuck me aaaahhhhh yeaahhhhhhh..”

I will stop this storytelling here and would love to hear how you felt after reading my horny story.

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